Mum down!

This week the dreaded summer flu/ virus/cold caught me and I’m ashamed to say it completely and utterly wiped me out.

Think all the snot, coughing, fevers and upset stomachs you can imagine one person having at one time and you’ll have a mental image of the state I was in. I was exhausted.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a horrific sick person. I hate it (I know everyone hates being ill but I’m just unable to hide my hatred) I moan and I whinge. But I do always get on with it when I’m ill, time doesn’t stop and I continue with life as normal.

This week I was worse than my normal sick person. I couldn’t function and in the words of chris- I was feeling so sorry for myself I called in sick from work (I did attempt to go back in the next day but I was sent home after an hour because I looked vile and couldn’t even keep my eyes open…)

ANYWAY, this week I’ve been the type of sick person i usually dislike. As we all know, being sick when you have children is like a great big pile of crap. You don’t get to have sick days. You can’t just wollow in your own self pity on the sofa while binge watching Netflix until you pass out from exhaustion. You still have to get up at 5am when the children squeal with excitement because it’s another day. Lunches have to be made, dinners have to cooked and the bed time routine still has to be adhered too. Basically your sick toosh isn’t going to be priority when you have littles.

In a weird sort of way, it was almost lucky that I got sick when the girls were back at school and Nursery as this meant we could stick to our normal routine in terms of child care and help from our parents meaning I could kind of ‘rest’. Obviously being off from work was far from ideal but i guess you can’t have it all!

Now, obviously this isn’t always the case though. I can’t always hold off being sick until childcare is sorted!

So, how do I get through those sick days, the days where I’m feeling a little off or the days I’m certain I can see the light?

First up- and this is fairly obvious in my eyes…


During the week part of my routine is to put on a couple of loads of washing, clean the bathroom almost daily and hoover every other day. As well as general keeping clean and tidy. When you’re feeling awful, the first thing you’re told to do? REST! Obviously as I’ve said you can’t rest when you’re a parent, so it’s all about finding ways to make the day easier- and what better way than passing on the house work for a couple of days. Yes your load will be larger at the end of the week but at least you’ll feel a little rested!


Take 5!!!

Again, near impossible if you’re a parent but just 5 minutes alone, with some degree of peace and it gives you a burst of energy that you didn’t know existed!

Ask for help!!

As parents (especially mums!) we are terrible for ‘powering through’ despite being completely unfit. And we are even worse at asking and accepting help! So my biggest piece of advice, ask for help. Be it from a family member, a fellow mum you see at the school gate or Doris next door. Ask. Even the tiniest favour can make a massive difference to your feeling crappy levels!


AGAIN, forgetting to eat is a massive trait of a busy parent, let alone a sick and busy parent. Despite what my love handles may say, I’m actually terrible at remembering to eat most days and when I’m feeling rough I’m even worse. On the first day of my feeling rubbish I didn’t eat at all and by 3pm I wasn’t just flagging because I was sick, but because I was also running on nothing. Crackers, a banana, hell even a sharing bag of minstrels (of course I’m not talking from experience there… **insert suspicious looking eye roll here**) is better than nothing and it honestly does make a massive difference to how you’re feeling.

And Finally,


It sounds obvious but resting is key. And seeing as most of us can’t rest during the day, getting in those zzzz’s when we can is pretty important. The whole go to bed when the kids go to bed thing is never more true than when I’m sick. As soon as I Can I get into bed, which at least guarantees an hour before the first whimper of need comes from the littles!

So there we have it, how I (barely) survive those sick filled parenting days.

How do you get through it? More hints and tips would be massively appreciated!

Here’s to a better (and less eugh week)!




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