To say I’ve been shocking at keeping up with my blog would be a massive understatement.

I’ve found myself with no time and if I’m super honest, no motivation. It’s not just this blog that’s suffering because of this, it’s also my other social media platforms- Instagram especially! It’s not so much that I don’t have any content that I want to share, but that I’ve found the lack of engagement and cliqueyness of Instagram and the blogging community has somewhat knocked my confidence massively. It often feels like that it’s a ‘know the right kind of people’ community these days. No one seems to share and support the small bloggers anymore.

I have never blogged or posted on Instagram for followers, I do it because I love sharing our lives, the good and the bad. Sharing and writing about us has helped me through some of the hardest baby/toddler days. But seeing your followers plateau, watching people play the follow unfollow game and not really seeing any results for all the hard work you put in does start to knock you a bit.

That being said I’m not stopping.

I’m going to make more time for doing what I enjoy and this blog is something I enjoy.

I’m going to keep it real though. No pussy footing around the everyday life of a parent, no pretending. Just honesty, like I’ve always strived to do.

I want to make this blog grow, to become more. And to do that I have stop being a big baby and man up a little!

So, I’m back. And this time I mean it!!




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