The Return Of The Weekend Edit!

This weekend was all about no plans.

I think the bank holiday Monday threw us all off a bit- including me despite the fact I worked! By the time Friday rolled around we were all shattered and ready for 2 days of no alarms and comfy clothes (well 1 day for Chris seeing as he had work on Saturday…)

Of course the fact that the girls were shattered didn’t stop them from waking up at 5.30am on Saturday and us being down stairs at 6am ready for the day…

Saturday is all about dancing in our house. Abi lives for her Swish on a Saturday morning and if I’m honest, when Chris is at work, and if I plan it right and Izzi naps, I too live for the 1.5 hours of alone time. This week I timed it all perfectly and I got to enjoy a hot cuppa and catch up on an hour of the 100 hours of soaps I have recorded. It was bliss. Of course I should of 100% been tidying/washing/ doing some sort of important adult life necessity but sometimes a mums gotta do what a mums gotta do to get some peace! I’ll add here that I’ve actually started doing all the polishing, cleaning and hovering on a Friday evening so that I can only hope Izzi will nap during dancing!

IMG_4760 We have some gorgeous new orphaned lambs that we  are bringing up at work at the moment and on a Saturday I’m *reluctantly* volunteering to go in and feed them at lunch time… (It’s not reluctant at all, it makes my ovaries ache in a good way!) This week I thought i’d surprise Abi and use the opportunity to enjoy some 1 on 1 time with my biggest love. After dancing we dropped Izzi to Nanny Meows and headed to work. Abi was pretty ecstatic and like all children seemed to be more excited about seeing where mummy works as well as seeing the lambs.


Gremlin and Barley are probably up there with 2 of the sweetest things ive ever seen and it goes without saying that Abi felt the same. She squealed like an over excited puppy and couldn’t wait to get in there. She also loved making the bottles and having a little explore of the grounds!

In the past week we’ve also got some chicken eggs that we are going to hatch and I had to fill the incubator with water… The pressure is immense! Abi couldn’t believe her eyes and spent 15 minutes staring at the eggs that looked exactly like what she had had for the breakfast!


Our Saturday afternoon was pretty mundane… We went back to Nanny and Grandad’s to collect Izzi (and have a quick cuppa!) and then headed home for a couple of hours of playing, cuddling and washing before dinner and bed. Both the girls clearly felt the effect of their crack of dawn wake up and were in bed sound asleep by 6pm.

Chris and me try and make our Saturday nights like an at home date night with a film and snacks.  However this week instead of a film, we ended up watching the Eurovision song contest. Not because we enjoy it, but because, well, I guess we do enjoy it really. Its simple, its comical and well, its just the Eurovision isn’t it!?

Our evening was full of laughter, and talking and you know what, to me that’s the best kind of night. Chris and I haven’t had any sort of date the just the 2 of us since the 30th May last year and sometimes I do crave just a couple of hours of just us. Of course I know that Id spend the whole time texting who ever had the girls and just wanting to be home, in our comfies, eating sweets and binge watching Netflix!

After our simple evening I’m not ashamed to say I went to bed at 9.30 and was asleep within minutes…

Sundays are always a fave in our house now that Chris never has to work them. We don’t do anything special but its lovely having time just us doing whatever needs doing.

Abi was up at 5.30… And again, by 6.30 we were down stairs watching Miraculous tales of lady bug while Chris and Izzi were still asleep upstairs! Izzi eventually made a sleepy appearance at 7.30 and woke up with some puffy sleepy eyes and a bit of a tude but after a few minutes she came around (I suspect the rich tea biscuit I used to bribe her out of her funk probably helped…)

Izzi’s been teething so horrific lately and unfortunately she really suffers- dribble, runny nose and a temperature which all settles on her chest and gives her a bit of a cough. The last week she’s really struggled and had croup- that along with the heat at the beginning of the week has equalled a pretty tiring week for her and me. But despite all this shes always smiling, shes like a little limpit but shes smiling and that’s all that matters.


Abis birthday is at the end of May and it always falls not only during half term but also on a bank holiday weekend so we have arranged her party for next weekend. When I arranged it all I definitely underestimated how difficult arranging a larger scale party would be- Ive never actually arranged anything as I’ve always kind of shirked the responsibility of it to my mum through fear of forgetting something pretty big or arranging it all wrong. Needless to say I’m feeling all the fears and this weekend I made sure we got all the last few bits we needed to get (apart from food) ready.

We headed to Macro to stock up on sweets for the party bags as well as plates and cups. Chris doesn’t really enjoy shopping at the best of times (though he does it every week as I tend to over spend…) but add 2 children and a fiancée with the attention span of an over excited puppy and Chris tends to stand in the aisles questioning his life choices. He took over all decision making pretty quick and the girls and me loitered while trying our hardest to resist the urge to annoy chris for the fun of it!

When we got home we had lunch and tackled the weekend’s home learning. Abi is doing amazing at school at the moment and jumps at every opportunity to learn. Her reading and writing have come on so much and the difference in her is incredible. She writes whenever she can and has even started learn to read texts!!!

Of course the littlest Bolton enjoyed distracting Abi with her demands of play time…

After Dinner (roast chicken followed by banana angel delight!) It was time for bath and bed which on a Sunday always seems to be a bit more of a nightmare- I swear they know its the start of a new week!  Think splashing so violently they flood the bathroom and refusing to get out the bath and get dressed…

Izzi has taken to really agrivating Abi and despite only being 4 she handles it really well. Abi loves izzi so much that she lets Izzi get away with pretty much everything and she takes advantage of every second with her, showering her with kisses and cuddles!


So that’s that, our lazy, pretty mundane but perfect weekend.

Now its a week of party prep, work and counting down the days till Half term!




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