Weekly Loves #2


IT’S EASTER!!!!! And therefore chocolate is life right now! The best so far? M&S jazzy easter Easter eggs- ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!


Izzi has finally started to eat lumpy and savoury food and boy does it feel good. Lumps bumps and textures for everyone!!!


If you didn’t already know (sarcasm) we are redecorating our house and the b&q Valspar paint has every colour You could dream of and more. They can also colour match too which is always a bonus! We are decorating the girls room now and have decided on a pink and grey theme (pink walls but grey accessories and wardrobes with white furniture!) The valspar range is pretty extensive so we had a few amazing pinks to choose from and the one we chose is beautiful. All will be revealed at a later date!


Did I mention I’m off for 2 weeks now? (All hail the education sector!) knowing that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock is amazing and what’s more amazing is knowing I have 2 weeks off with my littles!


If you have a child who is cows milk intolerant, or you are yourself then oatly chocolate milk is for you- and my god have they outdone them selves! The added treat of chocolate milk to Izzi’s porridge has made her a bit of a chocolate fan!!


We had one day this week where the sun was shining, it was 12 degrees and it actually felt like spring had finally sprung. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to my favourite seasons. I love the winter for its cosey nights and jumpers and I love the autumn for the colours and the crispy leaves. But I equally love the spring and summer for the longer days, sunshine and ice cream!!! That being said after the winter we’ve had (that’s lasted years!) I’m definitely over the winter jumpers and cosey nights…


This week I made my first easter bonnet and to say it was ‘interesting’ would be a very large understatement. I also completely forgot until the day before it was due in so massive brownie points to the most unorganised mum ever eh! Anyway, Abi loved it and it wasn’t completely awful so it’s not too bad…


I finally sorted the massive pile of important paperwork that I’m too lazy to file properly and it felt great. Chris was most pleased to say good bye to the microwave pile of crap for sure! Despite hating having to adult past 7pm, it did feel good finally organising the paperwork that’s cluttered our kitchen for months.And Finally…


My favourite flowers are by far tulips and every spring I fill our house with them at every opportunity!! I was given a beautiful bunch this week and they not only smell amazing but looks beautiful as well meaning the house looks and feels lovely and summery (despite all the rain and DIY)So that’s it!This week has been quite up and down but there’s still so many positives with in the (what feels like) rubbish! Although, I really should be more organised!!I wonder what the first week of the easter holidays will bring?JessX


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