Weekly Loves #1

With my new found healthy attitude, I’ve decided to start a new weekly series that focuses on the positives of the past week. From food, events, beauty and general life, I’m going to document my weekly ‘loves’!

SO, here’s the first installment..


This week my love of salmon has been reignited and I honestly cant get enough. I don’t know why but I completely stopped enjoying it about 2 years ago but in line with my ‘no more crap food’ rule I decided too try it with some low fat cream cheese, pasta and broccoli this week for a simple lunch and it was amazing. Of course we all know it’s super good for you as well so its a winner in every aspect really. Hopefully the new found obsession will remain and I can have it for lunch most days for a healthy meal!


Chris is off work the next couple of weeks which means he’s on a decorating role. The lounge is so close to being finished and I’m so excited!! He’s been working like a Trojan horse (is that the saying?) and has gotten so much done its amazing. Having a lounge that actually feels complete and homely is so lovely. Next up, the girls room!

How to get away with murder S4!

Like anyone I love a good series and when I come across a good one become a little bit obsessed. We’ve been binge watching HTGAWM for a few weeks but season 4 hasn’t disappointed! This week we’ve 100% caught up and I’m feeling a little bit lost (and very sad) that i don’t have more Annalise Keating drama to watch!

Arbonne Perfecting foundation

This week I started to wear foundation again after weeks of going au natural! I’ve been through a lot of foundations but the Arbonne perfecting foundation is quite literally perfect. It gives full, flawless coverage without being heavy and thick which I find a lot of full coverage foundations are. The primer is also the best I’ve used!

Role Reversal

Chris is currently on holiday so he’s acting house husband and it’s amazing!! The house is always tidy and odd jobs have been completed. The girls are also loving having daddy home. There’s one week left before he starts his new job (the first day of the Easter holidays!) So we are going to make the most of having the much more productive of us home!

And finally…


To celebrate Chris’s dads 60th we had a family day out to Weymouth before heading to our favourite Dorset Burger Co. (I had the triple meat treat this time and it was amazing!!) I love a walk along the sea front, a play in the arcade and an ice cream. Abi managed to spend everyone’s pennies and won enough tickets to get herself a pug money box (which is now happily sat in her room and she’s beyond excited!) It’s the most simple day out but also the best.

So there we go πŸ™‚

Now just 4 days left of work and then it’s 2 weeks off with the littles complete with no school run and lots of days out!!

Have a good week!




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