A Jo Malone Mother’s Day!

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to our local Jo Malone store to try out their new limited edition cologne- The English fields collection.

As it was Mother’s Day week I decided to take my mum along with me so she could enjoy a little pamper and a few treats too.

If you didn’t know, I’m a massive Jo Malone addict and I would have a candle in every corner of our house if Chris (and money) allowed. So to be invited along was a massive pleasure.

The English fields collection is described as Sunlight skipping across golden fields.
Rich with precious grains.
Poppies dancing in the wind . .

Here’s the new campaign video if you fancy a little insight into what Jo Malone are portraying through the new collection.img_2956

One of my favourite things about Jo Malone is the design of it. The clean-cut packaging, the simplicity of it. And this new limited edition collection is no different, actually its amazing and I was surprised that I loved it as much as I do. It’s still simple and clean in appearance but the pastel shades and textured bottles are truly beautiful. They also make an amazing edition to your dressing table!

The bottles are designed to resemble the grains meeting the sky and they’ve portrayed that brilliantly!

On arrival we were greeted with some fizz and an introduction to the new collection. As usual the ladies at Jo Malone were more than accommodating and nothing was too much trouble.

We were shown to the table and there we were able to sample each one of the 5 new fragrances.

Each one has incredible scent and honestly, I could have easily purchased them all.

Once we picked our favourite (it took me 20 minutes…) we were treated to a hand and arm massage using one of the amazing Jo Malone body crèmes that complimented the scent perfectly.

I fell in love with the Honey and Crocus cologne, and when I say I fell in love I mean I genuinely couldn’t get enough. It has the most amazing undertones of Almond which make it smell so divine I could probably eat it. This was paired with the grapefruit body crème and together they smelt amazing. My skin was left feeling nourished, clean and soft.

Mum treated me to my favourite Honey and Crocus cologne and I have yet to actually open the box… Once these cologne’s have sold out that’s it! So I want to save  it for super special occasions (I’m so sad it hurts!)

It was £47 for the small bottle, which may seem a lot but what I love about Jo Malone is just how long the cologne’s last. The ingredients are so powerful and potent that little really does go a long way.

All in all it was a really lovely evening and even though my mum refuses to switch from her trusty Estee lauder perfume, I think I’m close to turning her into a Jo Malone convert! It was also great to spend some quality time with mum because with the hustle bustle of everything we have going on, its pretty hard to find the time to spend just us.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to share something as I much I want to share just how incredible these limited edition cologne are. They are fresh, floral and calming all at once and if you’re a fan of Jo Malone, or even if you’ve never indulged in their famous fragrances before I would definitely recommend you head to your nearest boutique. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are a Jo Malone fan, what’s your favourite product? Do you wear the cologne? Are you a candle fan? Or even the body crèmes? Let me know!






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