Let’s talk about that Beast from the East…

Raise your hand if you massively underestimated all the warnings that we were given about storm Emma?

I definitely did.

I’ll blame the fact that we are given these ‘warnings’ so often on the south coast and they very rarely amount to anything that id chosen to not to believe this one… How silly of me.

I didn’t purchase extra milk, I didn’t purchase extra bread and I certainly didn’t purchase extra Nutella!!

So as you can imagine waking up Thursday morning to over an inch of snow and pretty thick flurries was a shock. And to be honest I’d completely forgotten about food and basic necessities. Izzi was still poorly and Abi’s school was closed but to be honest after massively underestimating the news reports all week I decided that I should probably listen and I stayed home. Which turns out was the best idea I’ve ever gone with seeing as from 2pm getting into Verwood was fast becoming a life threatening situation…


Having two children Home and unable to go out for longer than 20 minutes wasn’t ideal. Especially when 1 had been cooped up all week and the other can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes. By 9am we were already on the bribery and naptime. Chris came home early (not even making it to work) and I instantly sent him to the shop for some supplies… He came back with rolls because turns out everyone in Verwood is far more organised and sensible than I am and that’s all he could get!

I think it took Abi a while to realise what snow actually was and suddenly she couldn’t be contained any longer. She dressed up in 10 million layers, donned her hat, gloves and wellies and spent 45 minutes playing in the snow. She did snow angels, attempted to make snow balls and snow men and also took to eating it… Feral child.

The best thing about snows day is the post snow play warm up. You take off all your wet clothes, get into some dry warm pjs and settle down in front of the tv! Another favourite part of snow days for me is food! Why? Because well we all know I love food BUT when it’s snowing there is nothing better than some Heinz cream of tomato and a crusty buttered roll. Abi isn’t the biggest fan of soup usually but even she fell a little bit in love with the whole post snow play soup eating!


It felt like both the girls couldn’t possibly find a way to amuse themselves and we found ourselves taking shifts between Pokemon with Abi and general injury avoidance watch with Izzi because she’s turning into quite the menace. We decided to play outside again and attempt to build a snowman. We even took Izzi out and bizarrely she loved it!!

Turns out it was all too much for Izzi and she went for a nap as soon as we came back in so Abi and me indulged in a bit of pampering and enjoyed a lovely, and very hot, bath with a bath bomb and face mask from Lush.

I feel like Day 2 was the worst for us. Not because of the weather- although by this point the snow had become sort of creme brûlée like, fluffy and welcoming underneath but you had crack a pretty hard layer of ice to get to that. Which meant when i went outside to feed the rabbits I nearly fell on my bum several times!! This also meant that getting out of Verwood was even more hellish (just like the rest of the country) so chris and I both stayed home for the day. Abi was off again and by this point she was pushing every button she could. Abi doesn’t do well without something to constantly do. Be it her DS, colouring, building Lego or putting on a show. She never actually stops. From 5am-7pm she’s like a little Duracell bunny.

Izzi was also testing in that she chose that day to continually hurt herself by throwing herself off every possible surface she could. Think headbutts, head bangs, poking herself in the eye and smashing into things like an angry rhino. That was Izzi. But unlike yesterday neither of the girls wanted to venture out and to be honest I couldn’t blame them. I guess that’s the problem with us southerners. We spend every winter whining because we hardly get snow and when we do get it good and proper, we are fed up after a few hours because it’s too cold, too wet and to be frank, dangerous when you’re like bambi on ice on a good day let alone on a snow day! Then we want it all gone with in a day so we can finally get that important (minimally gotten) Vitamin D…

We spent the majority of the day playing guess who and Headbandz, colouring and watching films. Izzi seemed to nap for the most for day and took to chewing the furniture like an angry puppy…


I think its fairly obvious when I say that we were all very happy when we woke up Saturday and the snow was starting to turn into a slush and it was 4 degrees not -4! Not only because we finally felt warm, but also because it meant I could escape for half an hour to get some emergency birthday supplies and presents for Izzi. They weren’t the things we had planned for her but it was better than nothing.

All in all, the beast from the East definitely beat us. And if I learnt anything over 48 hours of being snowed in It was that 1 – NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE WEATHER CHANNEL!! and 2- Cabin fever is a real thing…





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