Izzi’s Birth Story Throwback

You know when people say the cliche ‘I can’t believe it’s been a year’ when it comes to anniversary’s, birthdays and well, pretty much anything and it’s a little bit annoying? Well hold on to your hat’s guys because I’m about to say it…

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Izzi was born. I’ve spent a lot of time this last week doing the whole ‘this time last year’ at every little anniversary of the week leading up to Izzi’s arrival and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t emotional… I am almost irrationally emotional about our baby turning 1.

I mentioned before how when Abi turned 1 I was excited, but this time around I’m sad and after a week of mentally reliving that week leading up to her arrival I think its because since the day we found out we were expecting our much wanted little bundle it’s been one of heck of an adventure.

If you don’t already know, I had a pretty horrible pregnancy with Izzi. I bled (some times worryingly heavy) from 5 weeks up until 16 weeks and to this day they don’t know why. Just as we thought that was it over, I was diagnosed with SPD at 18 weeks and on ‘minimal duties’ from 20 weeks. This meant that I was off work from 21 weeks and as nice as it was to not worry about work while being so poorly and trying to look after  toddler, it did drive me crazy! Unfortunately at 33 weeks I misjudged what I thought were Braxton hicks and it turned out I was actually in labour… Ill add here that I actually had a minor car accident because of course my body decided to really ramp up the pain the one time I drove! That being said it was because of that accident that I realised we realised I was in labour and thankfully we got to the hospital in time for them to stop the whole process. This did however mean that I was on bed rest until at least 37 weeks. I was diagnosed with an irritable uterus which triggered labour and started every time I did anything more than walking from bed to the sofa. I couldn’t hoover, couldn’t do any washing and sometimes getting out the bath would trigger these ‘tightenings’.

Anyway, fast forward to Sunday 26th February 2017 and you have the start of the Izzi week!

Through out my pregnancy Izzi’s movements where pretty predictable. I started feeling her move at 20 weeks and from then on her routine was pretty set. Of course this didn’t mean that there weren’t times that she didn’t move as usual but in the grand scheme of things she was pretty predictable. That Sunday her movements changed. I was 38 weeks and she had definitely ‘run out room’ as they say which meant when she moved it both hurt and you could see it! It was like a scene from Alien! But this was different. It’s like she was having a party in there, rolling around repeatedly, kicking out at my rib, and doing something that can only be described as head butting my cervix repeatedly! Then just as quick as it had started, it stopped. And that was the last time I felt her move in my belly.

I woke up Monday and her movements were non existent. I also suspected my waters had broken so I call the DAU and they asked me to come in. My mum took me up to save Chris leaving work and they monitored the heart beat, took a urine sample and checked my waters were in tact. Thankfully her heart beat was perfect, the monitor picked up some faint movements that I couldn’t fee and all samples and checks came back clear. we were sent home but told to come straight back if she doesn’t move again or if I don’t feel right at any point. Tuesday she moved once but I didn’t want to waste the time of all the midwives again so I kept a close eye and carried on with my day. Wednesday she didn’t move again so mum and me went back up to the DAU where after hours of monitoring they offered me a sweep. The monitor was still picking up some slight movements that were so slight I couldn’t feel them so they didn’t want to intervene to much. I never got the chance to have a sweep with Abi as she was 2 weeks early so I just said yes quickly and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as id always anticipated! That being said that evening i w genuinely thought i was in labour but it stopped after 5 hours- apparently that was the sweeps fault! I  was booked in for a scan the next day (Thursday) and we headed home again.

The next morning mum picked Abi and me up and we went for our scan. We took Abi as it was only a scan and she wanted to see the baby again. Thankfully the scan showed normal growth and there was no concern for Izzi at all. They did however ask to monitor me again for an hour and this time, although it picked up some movement, it was a lot less. Before we left a lovely midwife who we had seen every time we went to the DAU called Penny, told me to go on a long walk (even if it hurt) and then completely relax and do nothing. Have a long soak in a bath and sleep. SO that’s what mum and me did, we walked for 2 hours around hengitsbury head and boy did I ache. But while we were walking Penny called me to ask us to come back in the next day (Friday) for another monitor and also another sweep and to book me in to be induced on the Monday if she didn’t come before hand. I was ecstatic and went home, got into a warm bubble bath and went to bed at 8pm.

Chris was off on the Friday as he had to start his holiday which was acting as his paternity so we dropped Abi to my mum and we headed to the hospital for an hour of monitoring and another sweep. When we arrived the DAU was very quiet and there was only myself and another lady, the labour ward on the other hand was so full they didn’t have enough room for any more ladies! Penny met us and told us the plan, to be monitored for an hour, have a sweep and then she asked if she could perform some reflexology on me to see if that kicked started something before Monday. I wont lie I was pretty excited for a day of what could only be described as an invasive spa day really- relaxation, unlimted cups of tea, peace and quiet and a sort of leg massage!

I was hooked up to the monitor and the sound of the Izzi’s heart beat was amazing but after 5 minutes it was beeping like crazy. Different people kept coming in and checking and chris and me just figured it was the machine playing up. But after 30 minutes a midwife we hadn’t seen before came in, turned off the machine and told us the consultant will be in shortly. I was terrified and started to panic but we had heard her heartbeat so I don’t know why I was panicking. Chris left to put more money on the car and the consultant came in to tell us that I needed to be induced tomorrow. Izzi was no longer moving at all and despite her strong heartbeat they were concerned. They couldn’t induce me that day due to the business of the ward (which I took as a good sign because lets be honest, if they were that concerned they’d do it straight away!) We were told to come back the next day but to call at 7.30am to let them know we were enroute for our slot at 8am. They then said to expect to be told to wait at home till lunchtime because of how busy it was. So we headed home, full of excitement, nerves and a bit of fear on my part! We saw Abi who was going to stay at mums that night and I cried like a baby as we left. It was nice knowing we would have a baby soon but at the same time I was sad that we weren’t getting the natural exciting labour id wanted. We went home, chilled out and I went to bed at 9pm unable to relax. I woke up at 3am thinking I was in labour but it just the tightenings I’d had since 33 weeks. I woke chris up at 7.15, pottered about and called the maternity ward at 7.30 fully expecting to be told to wait, hence why I was still in my pyjamas, hadn’t had breakfast and chris was just showering. How wrong of me. They told to be there for 8.15!! So as you can imagine, the glamourous labour approach id planned of hair free legs and lady bits, straightened washed hair, estee lauder double wear and some water proof mascara didn’t happen. Instead they got a hairy mary, no make up and some seriously dry shampooed hair! Chris on the other hand looked great!


We got to the hospital at 8.30 and were introduced to our midwife- she was a student midwife called Hannah who was going to have the support of a lovely older lady Mary. The ward was really quiet, a stark difference to the orevious day and there was myself and 3 other ladies waiting to be induced. We were taken to a bed and told to settle ourselves and at 9am I was hooked up to a monitor for an hour. Once that was over Hannah broke my waters because thankfully I was dialted enough for her to get to them which meant no hormone drip and as much waiting as we’d anticipated. Unfortunatelt Hannah couldn’t quite break them so mary took over and within 1 minute had popped them. My waters broke naturally with Abi and it wasn’t that bad but this time around it was awful and definitely not a sensation I wish to ever experience again!

I was hooked up to th monitor again and within 1 minute I was hit with the most horrific pain Id ever experienced. It lasted 40 seconds and a minute later it hit again. According to the monitor my contratcions had already started and they were coming thick and fast. we were taken to our own room (weirdly the same one id had Abi in) and we settled in. My contractions were 1.5 minutes apart from the get go so to say I was a bitch would be an understatement but in between those 60 seconds of hell we enjoyed talking to the midwives and having a general waddle around the room, that being said I didn’t last long standing and spent the majority of labour on my back!

2 hours in Hannah checked me and told me I was 6cm dilated but Izzi’s way was blocked (to save to much tmi we will leave it at that…) this meant that that although I was dilating she couldn’t get it. They said to see how I go for another hour before they thought about csections and other things! It was at this point I demanded drugs and I was given a shot of diamorphine…

5 minutes later chris went to the toilet and he returned to me on all fours demanding the gas and air and telling everyone I need to push. I only pushed once with Abi and she shot out like a dream so I was fully expecting the same… WRONG! 1 hour and 45 minutes it took before Izzi even considered crowning. I was exhausted, I kept grunting like a wart hog and if I’m honest I just wanted to nap. But finally at 14:05 the baby that had stolen my heart all over again came into the world.

izzi 1


I had spent my whole pregnancy questioning if I’d truly love her like I did Abi, I mean how could I possibly have enough room in my heart for 2 babies? But the moment they put her on my chest my heart burst all over again.

I don’t know how but yet again I managed to escape childbirth with nothing but I a bit of bruising (by a bit I mean a lot and by a lot I mean I couldn’t even comprehend the idea of sitting down for a week).

Chris somehow managed to also escape the birth of Izzi with no injuries which considering the things I said to him were a miracle. I know us women push the blighters out but seriously, these partners, baby daddies and birthing partners really do get a lot of stick!

So there you have it. 9 months of hell followed by 4 hours of agony thy blew my mind followed by a lifetime of using the phrase “Izzi no!” As she pulls the telly off the unit.

Yet, despite all this, and despite everything we endured I would do it all again in a heart beat- every last waddle to the toilet at 2am, every last false labour and every last push!

So, Happy Birthday little Bug!





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