February Faves!!

This month has been a bit of no spend month due to sick children (meaning no work!) and me desperately trying to curb my impulsive spend addiction that Chris is convinced I have…

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen in love with a few new things…

I’m going to start with the one item that I now know I won’t be able to live without

Nailtiques Nail Protein

Those post partum hormones play havoc with you skin, hair and especially nail’s. And this time around I have definitely suffered in the nail department. Just as they grow, they snap, peel and break and after trying everything I started to keep them pretty short. My mum recently started using this little pot of liquid gold and after seeing how strong her usually brittle nails were I had to purchase it for myself! After seeking some advice I decided to go for formula 2 which is the most commonly used product. It’s for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. You apply a thin layer every day for 4 days before removing with an acetone free nail polish remover. Then you start all over again. In all seriousness, within 2 days my nail felt and looked healthier. and by the 3rd round of application they were the best they had ever been, even better than my pre-child days! Eventually once your nails are healthier you apply every other day.

I’ve put a link above to the look fantastic website which also shows all the nailtiques products. There are different formulas for different nail health so just have a look and see which one best suits you!



After weeks of struggling to agree on shelving for the lounge we finally braved Ikea with the promise of no arguments (that never happens and I swear more couples end up getting a divorce after a trip to Ikea than anywhere else) ALAS, we left Ikea, our relationship still in tact with shelves!!

We went for the super cheap, super simpleย LACK shelves. We went for 3 and staggered them on the toy corner wall. They are only small but are perfect for filling an otherwise unfillable gap with pictures and trinkets (and of course the classic Ikea candle!)



Finally (told you we didn’t much) last month I was lucky enough to enjoy a full body Swedish massage. For my birthday back in September I was gifted a voucher for a local beauty salon (Profile 2000 if you’re local to the West Moors area) and I chose to spend it on an hour Swedish massage.

I feel like I’ve had little to no chill time lately so an hour of pure relaxation and indulgence was very much-needed! I have always loved a pamper, be it a massage or getting my nails done and spending my voucher has definitely reignited my love for not only a little indulgence (that isn’t in the form of chocolate) but also an hour to myself! I’m thinking a monthly massage is going to have to start becoming a thing (Sorry Chris…)


So that’s it for my February Faves!

Everything is linked above ๐Ÿ™‚




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