Another bug, A pug reward scheme and Tulips

Last week was an odd one which meant our weekend was also a little off.

Last week we had to say goodbye to my original baby before actual babies. Milly the golden retriever. I didn’t think it would upset me as much as it did, she was 13 and I haven’t lived at home for 5 years. But it did and i’ll admit I was a little broken Wednesday night. On top of being heartbroken my self I was heart broken for Abi. Of course telling her killed me, and Abi broke down as a little 4 year old would but after 10 minutes of all the questions and sobbing, she brushed herself off and face timed Nanny Doggy so she could see Cadbury. Because that’s why she was so upset apparently, she was scared Cadbury was lonely! For a 4 year old who often takes form of the devil, she can be quite caring.

Izzi also had her own upset- She’s sick yet again. Shes also teething (4 at the same time!) and keeps reacting to something that we cannot determine seeing as she barely eats at all. Of course despite the constant upset, she’s still flashing that smile that ensures she gets away with everything. Which leads on the next point- she’s the cheekiest baby I’ve ever come across and boy are we paying for the fact we had it so easy with Abi- this weekend being the worst behaviour yet! Think furniture chewing, nappy removal meaning poop on the floor, tormenting her big sister (yes, already!) and constantly being into absolutely everything! She also doesn’t stay still, even when she’s sleeping. I mean seriously, god help us when she’s older!

On Saturday I had a massage booked after receiving a gift voucher for my birthday back in September. It was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in nearly 2 years and boy did I enjoy being child and care free, even if it was just an hour. I walked away feeling positive and motivated to kick start the healthy lifestyle I desperately need to start following. After weeks of illness I finally caved and went to the doctors to be told that I’m run down and I need to kick my arse into gear now! So the massage couldn’t of come at a better time really and I honestly think I’ll be making it a monthly thing… Sorry Chris!

Anyway, the plans I’d made for a nice walk over the weekend went array of course because well, no one wants their trip to Kingston lacy ruined by a poo explosion do they? So we spent the the weekend cooking a lamb roast, playing, cuddling and watching films while eating popcorn!

This weekend also saw the return of the cliche reward scheme for Abi. But this time she told me what she wants, how she wants it and what she’s aiming for and I just did the work to show it.

We all know Abi is pug obsessed and after months of constant nagging we’ve given in and allowed her to use her reward scheme to work towards getting one. A dog has always been on our 2018 goals list but this way Abi feels like she’s doing something for it and despite us saying she doesn’t have to save she’s insisted. Even going as far to ask for money for her birthday! Her goal is to have our very own pug by the start of the summer holidays… We will have to see how this goes!

She has 5 tasks a day- all easy to do and ones she does anyway (but likes to put up a fight about)

She has to make her bed

Get dressed- brush her teeth and put her hair up!

Be kind and be good

Eat all her food (sounds trivial but Abi isn’t a big eater and would easily miss meals because she gets so distracted!)

And finally tidy up after herself!

My art work is questionable as you can see.

Now I genuinely thought this wouldn’t last a day but to my surprise on day 2 Abi asked if she could use the laptop to research how much money she needs to save for everything for her pug. With my help (purely me doing the typing and telling her the numbers) she thought of all the things she would need to have a pug and to make it happy. We then added up all the items and it seemed to motivate Abi more. Now that she understands numbers she knows that what she has to save is ALOT! Her motivation is through the roof and she spent all day Sunday planning her what she can do to save more money.

As well as teaching her to save, I think this is going to really improve her overall writing, maths and spelling!

We ended our weekend with the girls favourite thing, purchasing tulips and bath time! Now that Izzi is so mobile, Abi loves having her to play with, both in and out of the bath! They splash, kick and flood the entire bathroom but the sounds of their giggling make the mass clean up operation worth it! It was also the longest Izzi went without screaming, pooing or puking soooo, make of that what you will!

Next weekend Izzi is 1 and I’m dreading it. I genuinely can’t bring myself to admit she’s not going to be a baby anymore!! Unfortunately Chris has to work which is devastating but I’m planning on a pretty chilled weekend before a weekend of fun in a couple of weeks time when he’s off. I’m also desperately hoping Izzi is better. It’s bad enough she can’t eat cake let alone not being able to eat cake and being poorly on her first birthday!!

Now to pack the lunches, get out fits ready and jump into bed ready for a week of 1st birthday preparations, studying, pestering the dietician for answers and work. It’s not even Monday and I am exhausted!




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