It’s been a year, how can I make my blog grow?

Its been over a year since I started blogging and if I’m being honest with myself I have been a pretty weak blogger. I’m so random with my posts, going weeks with frequent and regular posts then suddenly nothing. The return to work massively ruined what writing routine I had and just as I find my mojo again, something happens (usually ANOTHER germ infects one of the children and then me!) and I lose it all over again.

The last few days I’ve been really trying to find a way that I can start to build my blog and what I hope would soon become my brand! Other than the usual self promoting on all social media sites, which despite me doing an annoying amount, I seem to get no where. I’m struggling to think I can put myself out there more.

I have started to believe that maybe I’m just not a blogger, that I just don’t have that type of life that would get me anywhere in the blogging world. Which I guess is easy to start thinking, because like everything you cant help but compare your blog/social media/ general life with others can you? Us humans are our own worst enemy after all. It’s in our nature to constantly compare and wonder.

The other day I hovered my mouse over the delete account button to this blog. And at the last-minute I gave myself the massive slap I needed and told myself to stop being such a sap. I mean seriously Jess, why does it matter who reads this, you do this for you. It’s your place to air your soul and all that jazz. Its your place to write about our life, our days out, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

After my wobble, I got my note-book out and planned. I planned my future content, I planned a sort of blog post schedule (which we all know I wont stick too!) and I decided to start looking into Vlogging. Not because I think ill be better at that, I’m almost certain I wont be. I have a face for radio and my own voice really pisses me off. But I have always wanted to document our lives in more than just pictures and words. Of course I could fail at that because well, I’m a massive technophobe and I can’t even get PowerPoint to work, but its all in the effort and being positive!

So watch this space I guess!

Has anyone else had a bloggers wobble?

Have you questioned everything you do??

Or am I just crazy…Which is very likely because lets face it, I am!

Let me know





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