The Weekend Edit; Lazy Saturday’s, Pizza Making and Beach Walks…

I think we can all agree that when it comes to weekends time seems to go about 80x faster than it does Monday – Friday…

Now that I’m back to work, it seems to be going even quicker and just as soon as I get my fri-yay feeling, the Sunday dread is upon me (that being said I’m loving work so it’s not all bad!)

This weekend both Chris and me were off and as usual the weather scuppered our plans of a National trust visit on Saturday, but we had our back plan and the relaxed weekend we had planned still managed to be just that and it was perfect.

Saturday mornings are always much the same with dancing and what seems to be my weekly house clean as I’m still not getting the whole working and house cleaning on the same day… seriously, I just come home and want to sleep!! There’s been so many coughs, colds and vomiting bugs doing the rounds of our house of late that zoflora, bleach and disinfectant is being used by the gallon, luckily zoflora smells like heaven and I don’t mind using so much of it I should have shares in it… As I said, the weather was nothing but rubbish so after a quick visit to Chris’s grandparents we headed home for an afternoon of Lego building and game playing in our pj’s. Abi is pretty competitive when it comes to Guess Who so we found ourselves playing that for over an hour, which if you’ve played the game you will hopefully have some idea of how mind numbing that is!

Abi has been amazing with me going back to work, but this week she made a few comments about how she misses us (ill clarify here that me being at work doesn’t affect Abi at all because she’s at school and I work school hours… She’s more struggling with Izzi’s sudden demanding nature!)  So Saturday night was our night. We put Izzi to bed which has become a real pain in the arse since her teeth have started to play havoc again, throw in a routine she’s made herself (Bath, a little baby massage, bottle, cuddle, bed) and can’t deviate from (not that I mind, the cuddle are amazing!) it means bed time for the needy 11 month old is quite the spectacle. But thankfully she settled straight away and didn’t stir until 1am for a bottle!


Anyway, we did our favourite thing- Pizza making! Chris and Abi are obsessed and again, they get pretty competitive with it all. It’s the most simple meal but Abi is in heaven whenever we suggest it! Once the pizzas were made (and eaten) we sat down and watched a film of Abi’s choice, which was her current fave ‘Sing’. She spends the whole time singing away and loves it! Lately she’s been really obsessed with her performing and loves putting on a show for us every evening, she’s also asked if she can start going to stage shows and one day be on the stage herself. Of course its great to see her so in love with something but she’s only 4 so its anyone’s guess how long this current obsession sticks around! But for now, I love it and I live for my evening dance shows and car journey sing along’s.

For the first in months, both the girls woke up at 7am on Sunday and I didn’t know myself! That extra hour and half was heaven, even if for the entire time Abi had snuck in and was kept kicking me in the spine!

If you live in Dorset then you’ll know how amazing the weather was Sunday. It was cold, but the sun was beautiful so we headed to Bournemouth beach to collect shells and reminisce about all the failed beach attempts we’ve had in the past. You see Abi has a reputation of falling in the sea and Chris has a reputation for being the cause of it in a bid to escape the water that ultimately takes Abi out, resulting in many beach trips cut short (think 5 minutes after we’ve parked) and a lot of father daughter domestics over whose fault it was. Pray for me when Abi is a teenager!

We parked up at Alum Chine and enjoyed a couple of hours of shell finding, splashing in the sea and walking along the pier. We also headed in the arcade (for warmth) and flitted away 30p on the 2p machines. Abi had quite the lucky and we actually walked away with more than we’d started with!

After such a lovely walk we decided to keep the day going with a Sunday pub lunch at the Harvester. It was amazing as always and Abi became a little obsessed with the unlimited salad bar! To be honest id completely forgotten how great a harvester is and how much value for it is. It was the first meal out we’ve had since Izzi was tiny and she was amazing, somehow we managed to avoid her usual midday grump and she spent the whole visit chatting (occasionally screaming) and even ate all her lunch which as we all know is a miracle when we are home, let alone somewhere with distraction!

We headed home and spent the rest of the day in our comfie’s, watching the rugby, napping and playing! It was the best weekend we’ve had in a long time after weeks of bugs and business. Now just to survive 5 more days at work then its Half term and I cannot wait!

Have a great week!




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