January Favourites

This month has seen me try out a fair few new items. From clothes’ to body lotions for both myself and the family, we’ve certainly found a few must haves this month.

I’m going to start with 2 that for once were for myself and no one else!

New look are to thank for my 2 new wardrobe stables and I honestly can’t get enough of their spring/summer range. These pink slip on trainers being my fave for sure. They were only £16.99 and definitely worth the money. I’ve been looking for a pair of slip on van stylie trainers since Izzi was born but the cheaper versions always look just that, cheap, but New Look’s budget version are pretty much an exact match to the famous Vans slip on!

New look Pink Slip On

pink-cord-slip-on-trainersI also found the coat I’ve been, you could say, dreaming of! It was on offer when I got it and could not of come at a better time seeing as I seem to spend all my time out side at work these days! It’s the warmest coat I think I’ve ever owned!

Again, here’s the link…

New look Faux Camel cropped jacket


Of course, Lush is also going to make an appearance in our Jan Faves. One of lush’s signature lotions, dream cream. I suffer with pretty sore and, for lack of a better word, hideous hands during the winter, and with Izzi’s allergies finding a lotion that has a wholly positive effect on her skin is somewhat hard to come by. But dream cream has helped tremendous amounts! Not only does it have a subtle scent, it also hydrates and nourishes your skin leaving it so soft and silky. Within 2 days of using my dry cracked builders hands where no more and I don’t think I’ll be looking back any time soon!

Dream Cream


Another health and beauty item that has definitely helped Izzi this month is the Burt’s Bees Baby cream to powder ointment. I’ve been using it as a sort of post bath nappy cream and there’s been a definite improvement and her sore bum flare ups are less and less since using it. Like all Burt’s bees products they are all natural so that’s also a massive winner in my book!

Burt’s bees Cream to Powder


Now, this is a massive fave- How to get away with murder!! If you haven’t already, you NEED to watch it. It’s on Netflix and ill be honest, its pretty much consumed me. Its one of those series that you just cant stop watching and I’m genuinely scared about what ill do when I finish it! Its produced by the amazing Shonda Rhimes, who’s the force behind the likes of Greys anatomy, private practice and scandal. The entire series has you on the edge of your seat and you will find yourself constantly questioning ‘who did it?’


Abi has the worst hair and it’s always, ALWAYS, tangled. Even straight out of the bath that included conditioner and combing. So as you can imagine, and if you live near us or have been lucky enough to witness Abi getting her hair done, every post bath hair dry, every morning getting ready for school is a nightmare, that includes blood curdling screams and the phrase ‘you ruin my life’ repeatedly. We’ve tried everything to ease getting ready including the £12 tangle teaser to no avail but a few weeks ago, Nanny meow pulled the metaphoric cat out the bag by finding the Avon detangling spray! Its worked a treat, of course there are still screams and refusals to get ready but they are getting less and less which is a win! It smells amazing and as well as getting rid of knot’s and tantrums all at once, it’s really improved the condition of her very fine hair!

Avon untangling spray


Since being back at work I’ve been shocking at drinking water so I invested in some new Hydratem8 bottles for all of us. They are a great way of not just having water on the go in an environmentally friendly way (bye-bye plastic) but the cool water tracker is amazing! They also have a range of insulated bottles which not only look beautiful but are amazing value! With the  battle against plastic become bigger than ever I’ve found that a lot of bottle companies have taken advantage of it and their prices seem to of jumped but HydrateM8 has stayed affordable and great Value! So if you’re looking for  new bottles both your family definitely check them out here…


Going back to work has also meant I’ve had to get organised, which if you know me, you will know that is not an easy task… I was getting quite panicky about my lack of ability to adult when I have a lot on so I headed to Wilkinson’s to see what they had on offer in the way of family planners and bits for work! I walked away with about £30 worth of stuff (most for work) and I managed to find the perfect family planner for a silly price. It was just £3 and has a column for each member of the family for each day. It’s also magnetic so happily sits on the fridge in easy view for every!

Wilko family planner

0457000_lI’ll leave our January faves there for now, and I’ve made sure to link all the websites so you can have a browse yourself if you fancy it! Did you have any Favourite buys? Let me know!

Mumma Of Daughters



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