Where have I been?!?

It seems like I haven’t stopped since January 1st, hence the lack of anything other than the occasional picture on Instagram and odd text to friends to let them know I’m alive.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly long and ill admit, quite difficult. I’ve finally returned to work, not just to my old job either. I’ve waved bye-bye to my old Tesco life and embarked on what I’ve been working towards for so long, a Special Education needs Learning support assistant (SenLsa). As well as a completely new career, I am also now full-time, which ill be honest, considering I start full time from Monday and I’ve only done 6 days spread over the last 2 weeks, I’m knackered. But it’s not the being tired that’s hard, not being with Izzi has definitely hit me. That being said, I love my job so much now that when I’m there I don’t really have time to miss the girls and before I know it, the day is done and I’m driving home ready for an evening with my babes. The knowledge that ill be home every weekend and school holiday is also something I’m most excited about, not only because having so much time with the girls is amazing, but the idea of trying to find child care during school holidays made me feel a little sick.

Of course with full-time work comes childcare costs and to be honest (and this will be an unpopular opinion) the sheer expense of it makes working irrelevant. The cost of nursery a day is just Β£10 less than what I earn from that days work. But when you add-on Abigail’s after school club, I actually bring home nothing for that days work. For the first time I can see why so many parents refuse to work more than an hours a week if at all and why so many parents claim some form of benefit. Working is pretty pointless when you have children who require looking after.Β  But of course, it’s not all about money and I’m choosing to work so I can have a little thing for me and i can earn more money for the girls.

The last week I’ve been lucky enough to do some really amazing training and courses along with diploma and despite the constant brain funk I’ve been in, its been really fun and interesting to learn so much. I’ve also taken to drinking coffee more than I care to admit to help with the slight pang of exhaustion that comes with learning, working and mumming!!


Despite what she says, Abi is really enjoying school and is on a constant quest to learn, be it writing or reading. Her imagination is also far beyond anything I’ve ever seen before and when she’s refusing to get dressed and ignores me by playing in her mood I love listening to the games she’s making up and hearing everything she says (despite pretending to be angry at the fact its taken 1 hour to get dressed!!!!)

Izzi is much the same, she’s sassy, naughty and gets in to absolutely everything. We had our first settling sessions at nursery this week and despite being a bit emotional to start she’s settled really well and from Monday will be going 3 full days. Her 10 month review also went much better than I had anticipated and despite being 2 centiles below average and still only eating pureed food because of her bizarre gag reflux issues she’s thriving!

Chris is Chris and after 2 days looking after the girls, Abi is more of a daddy’s girl than ever before. Izzi has also taken to falling asleep very comfortably as soon as he holds her which is both lovely and frustrating all at once!

Other than the above we have been quite chilled, enjoying play time with friends, making friendship bracelets, seeing granddad and visiting one of favourite spots- Stourhead. It was pretty freezing and we ended up walking the round the lake in just over an hour and ate our picnic in the car with the heating on full. But we loved it and had the nicest day.

So, that’s that. A little update as why I’ve been AWOL!
Here’s hoping my first week of full-time employment goes well and I make it to Friday (some one chill the rose ready…)

Mumma Of daughters



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