2018 plans!

I’m not going to use the phrase ‘new years resolutions’ because lets be honest, no one ever sticks to them! Plans and goals on the other hand, people tend to stick to them.

Anyway, the last few years haven’t been without trouble. From health problems, work stress, life throwing great big curve balls and general rubbishness there is always something that tends to dampen an otherwise amazing year.

I dont want to sound cliché (that being said I will definitely sound cliché…) But this year, I want to have a one of those years. The years that come December 31st 2018 I am desperately sad to say good bye to what was an amazing year, because I will be genuinely upset to see it go.

But how am I going to make that happen? What would make 2018 THAT year?

-Well, for a start the house being finished is the top of the 2018 plans list! We have the rest of the lounge to finish, the bathroom and bedrooms- basically the whole house. I think the kitchen has put me off pretty much all decorating after the mess it left so the bathroom is a massive anxiety trigger for me- so much dust!!


– Starting a new career and finishing my diploma is also a massive must for me this year. Looking forward to going to work again and enjoying it is something I can’t wait for!


– The cliche lose weight has to make an appearance doesn’t it? Not for anyone else- just me. I can’t use the baby weight excuse much more and seeing as none of my clothes fit I definitely need to do something about it. I’ve also become really unhealthy and it’s definutely showing in my skin and how I feel!


– Grow my blog! I’m not sure how I’ll do this as (if you hadn’t noticed) I’m a complete blogging novice. If I can reach 1000 twitter and Instagram followers by December 31st 2018 then I’ll be happy!


– Start running again! For both fitness and my mental health. Before children running was my therapy and for 5 years I just haven’t had the oomph but It’s finally back (for now!)


– Sort finances! For a young family we are pretty good but I’m the worst for spending money on things I really don’t need- including take always! So this year I’m going to start being somewhat tight- no unnecessary spending and saving!


– BE MORE MONICA! Organised and tidy and never to miss an appointment again (which happens more than I care to admit…)


So that’s it- nothing to impossible (apart from the weight loss maybe, I really love food…) and all perfectly easy to successfully complete! But we will see!

Wjat are your 2018 goals?? Any cliche resolutions?


Mumma of Daughters




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