My Girls And Me **3**

I cannot believe its Christmas on Monday! And I cannot believe I’ve somehow managed to survive the first week of the Christmas holidays…

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. From a nativity, school party days and the Christmas fayre, Abi has had a pretty full on couple of weeks so its safe to say that she was 100% ready for some time off school! Watching Abi in her first nativity was definitely tear jerking. She sang her little heart out and it was amazing to finally see the song she’s been singing our ears off with performed properly! As well as her nativity she also had her end of term dance performance and I definitely did not well up a little (I definitely did…)

We celebrated her besties birthday at monkey madness in Christchurch and as usual my best friend made sure all the kiddies had the best time! Abi is the worst at soft play but she had an amazing time (even if she did suffer with a sudden crippling fear of heights!)

Abi also chose the one day she actually needed to be up early to sleep In till 8am (we leave for school at 8.10…) And that was school party day. In true Abi style she woke up demanding straightened hair and a bacon sandwich. I allowed the straightened hair but disallowed the bacon sandwich She looked beautiful but I did however have to do the school run with unbrushed teeth and no bra on… #mumlife


Unfortunately Abi brought home yet another cold/flu virus which meant we have all been poorly at some point. thankfully Abi barely suffered but Izzi had it rough yet again. Think lots of dribble, no sleep and a horrible cough. But like everything she took it in her stride and despite refusing to eat actual food and waking up all night hungry for milk, she’s been quite happy! Shes also reacted to something else in her food yet again so her skins been pretty dry but it cleared up and we are still none the wiser as to what caused it. As well as all this though, Izzi has finally realised she can stand on her feet. Shes not pulling herself up just yet but given the opportunity she will stand, this has however meant that she no longer sits up… I swear this child is trying to kill me with stress!


Our also once brilliant sleeper of a baby has now turned into some sort of nocturnal monster, choosing 2am to show of her singing skills and squeal like a banshee on helium. I’m putting it down to her teeth and cold but really I’m holding out no hope!

The cold that Abi brought home wiped me out for 24 hours and I spent Friday having aΒ  pity party for myself, poor Chris was my hero though and put up with my man flu symptoms I will hold my hand up and admit I was a nightmare!!

I’m also into my 3rd week of my diploma and I really am loving it. I am due to start back at work on the 8th January and I’m also moving forward in starting my new career in the teaching sector which is both terrifying and exciting all at once. I cant wait to finally have a job I love and enjoy and the extra money will mean a lot to us but I am also petrified of handing over responsibility of my babies 5 days a week. I am a massive control freak as you all know so this isn’t doing much for my anxiety but I’m working on it. That being said I’m still not 100% sure what to do about child care at this point as I’m unsure whether to go down the child minder/nanny route or stick with nursery. Either way I really want to be able to be flexible and ensure I am able to take izzi out of whichever childcare during the school holidays.


That’s all that’s new for us really, see our lives are pretty mundane really…

What do you do for childcare? Would you recommend a child minder or nursery? I am seriously open to any advice and hints and tips!

Mumma Of Daughters



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