Weekend edit 4

Another weekend, another cold/flu virus brought home by Abi (she must really love us because no matter how many times I tell her sharing isn’t caring sometimes she still insists on infecting us all on a 2 weekly basis with whatever germ is going round school…) That being said, this time around it’s been a lot worse than usual, Abi recovered quite quickly and other than a very annoying cough for Izzi, she’s taken it in her stride but me? I was so ill Chris had to do the school run and pretty much solo parented on Friday. Think blocked sinuses, fevers and aching joints and you have me- the one women pity party…

Abi finished school at 1pm ready for the Christmas holidays so we had planned a treat movie night, complete with pizza, sweets and despicable me 3. So after a food shop around Aldi (which was absolutely pointless me going with Chris as I just ‘got in the way’, or picked up things we definitely didn’t need- that special buy aisle gets me every damn time!)

After her first full term at school, it’s safe to say that Abi has been a little more, for lack of a better term, narky than usual. The week leading up to the Christmas holidays saw her go to bed at 6pm several times without any argument and for the first time in her entire existence so far, she woke up at 8am… the fact it was school party day and she wanted me to straighten her hair was of course Sod’s law!

377FFB30-9EF8-4B4C-A4B1-422D3236AF10As you can imagine turning princess bed head of Verwood into the above was a test, especially as we only had 10 minutes before we absolutely had to leave. But we did it and she ‘felt fabulous’!

Anyway, back to Friday. Abi was knackered and seeing as I felt so ill I had actually admitted defeat, as had Izzi, we decided a lazy afternoon before our movie night was necessary. We played games, ate treats and chilled before getting into a long hot bath and fresh pj’s ready for movie night.

Over the last few weeks, Izzi and me have gotten into a really good routine Monday to Friday (it’s only taken 9 months…) and she naps for around 2 hours in the morning with an hour nap in the afternoon. Of course, as soon as that Monday to Friday routine is disrupted with daddy come or Abi, Izzi refuses to nap so by 5pm on Friday night she was sound asleep.


I knew this meant that she’d either be down for the night with an early Saturday wake up or she would class this as a nap and be awake again in a couple of hours… It was the latter.


But that couple of hours of just Abi, Chris and me was perfect. Time with just Abi is rare these days so it was lovely being able to focus all our attention on her.

We gave Abi free rein when it came to picking the movie and deciding how we were going to set up the lounge. She chose despicable me 3 and we laid duvets and blankets on the floor to make it extra comfortable. Our movie dinner consisted of pizzas, garlic bread and chips and ALOT of sweets! Abi was in her element!!

Abi loved despicable me 3 and so did Chris and me. It had the perfect mix of adult humour and humour that a 4-year-old could understand. Izzi was down stairs for the last 20 minutes too and even she was engrossed I think it was minions!

Abi and Izzi both went to bed at about 8.30pm happy as anything and woke up Saturday morning at 7.45am!!! Unfortunately Izzi was a little worse for wear, full of bogeys and a horrible cough and when we asked Abi what she wanted to do she said she really wanted a lazy day. So we spent our Saturday in our comfie’s doing just that, being very lazy. Abi loved having Chris all to herself they played with her kitchen cooking up all sorts of creations for me to ‘eat’ for hours. Izzi also enjoyed chewing the plastic food! I spent the day doing all my washing and clothes sorting (although I definitely didn’t do the ironing) and it felt good to not have a giant dirty washing pile in our room, now just a nice clean ironing pile…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not the best cook but when we are all feeling under the weather I always cook a huge roast full of veggies and carbs so we had a Saturday night roast before a very early night for the girls and a nice long bath for me!


Abi was sound asleep by 6 but unfortunately Izzi was feeling pretty rubbish with her cold and her teeth so was restless all night. That being said she woke up Sunday much brighter!

Now, this is where our very boring weekend gets fun as a few months ago, we booked a surprise visit to Santa at Paultons Park. Abi had no idea and to say she was ecstatic would be an understatement!

We were out the door by 9am (a miracle in itself) and even had time for a McDonald’s breakfast!

Now, if you were silly enough to venture outside on Sunday then you’ll know that it was Baltic but being the ever positive person I am, I reassured everyone that it’s not a Christmas day out if you don’t freeze your fingers and toes off…

If you’ve been to Paultons park for Christmas then you’ll know how amazing it is. It’s so festive and everyone who works there goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone has the best time. From the decorations to the fake snow, little children genuinely think they are in some sort of festive winter wonderland. As soon as we walked into the park we were greeted with a giant Christmas tree and elves! Abi loved it, Izzi, not so much…

We booked our santa slot for first thing and Abi couldn’t wait. The grotto at Paultons is amazing. Its full of electric animals, fake snow and festive music. It’s so well done that Abi genuinely believed that we had been transported to the north pole and that the reindeer were actually real. Santa was great and just as Abi had imagined him, Izzi wasn’t phased and didn’t really acknowledge him which is better than screaming like we had anticipated…

Of course, once we had seen santa all Abi cared about was the rides…

The cold was pretty bearable up until the point it started to rain. It wasn’t normal rain, it was like drops of bitter ice being thrown on us and after 2 hours of solid rain to say we were like walking ice blocks would be a massive understatement. Of course Izzi had the best seat in the house, wrapped up in her snow suit, my scarf and her rain cover but she wasn’t impressed…

Once we had done all the rides, seen santa and bared as much of the cold as we could we headed home to get out of our sodden clothes, wrap up warm and drink hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows.

All in all, despite us all being poorly, Chris and Izzi especially, we had a weekend and we loved every minute of our festive Sunday. If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend a trip to Paultons park at Christmas. It really is a winter wonderland for little ones!

So now, the 7 day countdown till the fat man comes down our chimney is on and we can’t wait!

Did you have a festive weekend?

Mumma Of Daughters


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