Am I Falling Out Of Love With Insta?

Lately I’ve had a strange relationship with Instagram. Out of all social media, it’s always been my favourite. I love the out reach, the platform and well, I can’t really fault it. That was until recently anyway.

I feel like Instagram helped spur me on to start my blog. My pictures of Abi’s antics and tales of (more often than not failed) days out seemed to be pretty popular amongst the very few followers I had and thus, Mumma of daughters was born.

There was a real sense of community, parents from all over the world offering advice and always relating to those shocking parenting days we had all had. It was weird, but suddenly I felt like I had a little group of friends in my phone! To older generations that sounds weird, and probably concerning. But that’s what life is like now, all on the internet and in our phones and laptops.

But suddenly Instagram isn’t about community and I don’t have the little group of friends in my phone anymore.

First of all, people have become catty, which when you choose to have your life on the web for anyone to see, you have to expect. Not everyone will agree with your views or life which is perfectly acceptable. I know I don’t personally agree with everything I see online, but I would never dream of offering up my opinion and offending and criticising anyone. It’s hard to believe that people most of them mothers themselves, can be so horrid.

Along with the sheer spitefulness of so many fellow parents there is the followers side of Instagram. The latest fad amongst a lot of bloggers (some pretty big ones too..) is to play the follow and unfollow game. They follow you, and as soon as you follow you them back (which I’ll only do if their blog and Instagram is something that interests me or I enjoy because lets me honest, it’s not really any fun following someone for the sake of it if you have no interest in what they post and share) They unfollow you. It’s a pretty sneaky game as you don’t necessarily notice who it is that unfollowed you. You do however find yourself getting a sudden influx of followers only to lose what feels like double within 24 hours. That means your following, which lets be honest isn’t everything, but it is quite important and vital if you wish to expand and grow your blog, plateaus for weeks, even months and as you can imagine, it is frustrating.

Instagram also have a part to play in the follow – unfollow game because they recently changed their algorithm meaning you miss posts but often find posts from over a week ago creeping on your timeline. This also means you miss out on some of your favorite accounts posting and you often miss some pretty big news! Recently ive found that ive missed 2 pregnancy announcements from accounts that I really enjoy and would have regular contact with. Despite not personally knowing the person behind the Insta handle, its still pretty embarrassing and upsetting missing giving your congratulations! So it’s no surprise that some genuine people unfollow you if they think you haven’t posted in months.

So, what do I do with my insta?

Do I carry on posting as I do, once or twice a day or do I post once or twice a week?

Do I keep my Instagram honest and keep up with showing all of the nitty-gritty parenting life I lead? Or do I only show the good days, the good outfits and the tidy home?

Do I start a theme, or keep it like it is? Which is pretty higgledy piggledy to be honest!

It does feel like if you only show the perfect, you gain the following and out reach. But we aren’t perfect. And I don’t always have a perfect white wall to stand in front of… My wardrobe is also pretty crap and I average 1 day a week where I manage hair, make up and an outfit that isn’t covered in puke or poo!

I guess we will see!

Mumma Of Daughters




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