Throwbacks and Flashbacks


As the year comes to an end I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about everything we have experienced this year. From car accidents, child birth and falling off ladders (well done Chris…) We’ve had quite the exciting, and some times stressful and scary year. Yet despite that, I’ve loved this year. Its been the year that I think I’ve grown the most as a person (both physically and emotionally… I mean seriously, will I ever fit into a size 12 pair of jeans again?)


One of my favoutite days of the year (other than izzi being born!) was our first big day out as a family of 4 to LEGOLAND. Its one of Abi’s favourite places and it was so much fun, albeit hard with a newborn!


We also made the most of our national trust membership with trips to Kingston Lacy, stourhead and Dynfwr Castle!


Of course, it hasn’t all been days out and fun. As well as spending the beginning of year during the lead up to Izzi’s arrival in hospital, we also found ourselves on the children’s ward twice within 4 weeks of each other with both girls. Abi with a chest infection that knocked her for six and Izzi with suspected meningitis. Both were the scariest times I’ve ever experienced.

I think adapting to life as a 4 has been pretty memorable as well. It’s been rough but god, I’ve loved it- even the days where I wanted to hide in the bathroom! Our littlest tribe has made this year beyond amazing!

Like always Theres a lot of uncertainty as we enter 2018- though, isn’t there always when you’re an adult and thing’s like inflation and interest rates actually matter now? But unlike anytime we’ve felt a little uncertainty before, this time Im not worried. I think having my own little tribe makes me feel safe. Knowing that no matter what you’ll always have people who will wake you up in the morning with snot covered fingers and demands for food is enough to make me forever feel happy!


Mumma Of Daughters



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