Weekend Edit 3

This weekend was definitely busier than the last. Its been full of Christmas lights, birthday parties, and a 5am post-Christmas party pick up!

In my pre-children days, the 2nd weekend of December was always the weekend that consisted of Christmas parties, alcohol and ‘town’. Well, not anymore! Not for me anyway.

We started our weekend with a Friday night trip to Kingston Lacy to see the Christmas lights. As you can imagine it was so cold we couldn’t feel our, well we couldn’t feel anything… But we had the best time despite the cold.

We went with Nanny and Grandad Meow (Chris’s Ma and Pa) and Abi loved it. Izzi not so much… She spent the whole time giving us her best death stare and for an 9 month old, she’s very good at making it obvious when she’s absolutely livid.

(Ill apologise for my rubbish pictures, the dribble monster has broken my phone and it was so cold I was shaking the entire time!!)

Of course, no late night, cold visit to Christmas lights is complete without a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream! Abi also managed to con Grandad into a packet of crisps after trapping her fingers in the door (which miraculously recovered once she set her eyes on those pom bears!)

Once we had walked around the gardens and completely lost all feeling in our limbs we headed back to Nanny and Grandad’s for fish and chips. It was the perfect evening after such a busy and stressful week!


Saturday was rammed. We woke up and started the day with biscuits in bed before heading to dancing for Abi’s end of term performance.

As only Abi would, she decided to have a small domestic with her partner right in the middle of her performance but if anything, it added to the entertainment factor.

It was our besties Birthday weekend so as soon as dancing was over we were straight off to Monkey Madness for soft play, a disco and food! Abi is the worst child at soft play- imagine both Bambi on ice crossed with Jamie Lomas on I’m a celeb during that very first trial up a multi story building! She suddenly becomes terrified of heights and can’t bear the thought of going down a slide. Of course she eventually lightens up and has a whale of a time though!

Abby did an amazing job of making sure all the kids had a great time and Abi and Aaliyah even got their faces painted as Tigers! (which later proved an issue when taking off the orange as they were left with a slight tinge of yellow!)

Saturday night saw Abi head off to her first sleepover with her aunty Stavanna which, to say she was spoilt and had the BEST time would be an understatement! She was treated to a late night, pub dinner, lots of sweets and crispies and ginger bread making. Of course she woke up sunday morning at 8am and was even more spoilt on Sunday!

Chris had his works Christmas party in Weymouth on Saturday evening so I spent my night chilling with a sleeping Izzi and eating Nutella from the jar before climbing in bed at 8pm. Of course my night wasn’t without a few drunken phone calls from my darling Fiance but hey, that’s why I love him!


Sunday we woke up to awful weather (and also no snow like the rest of country, just wind and rain!) And it was a massively lazy day spent with my dad and Abby complete with a lovely Family roast in the evening! Izzi was pretty grumpy due to what I think Is a bit of a reaction to something she’s eaten, meaning she has a horrible belly ache and is just a bit aggy in general. She’s also teething and suffering with major separation anxiety from me at the moment meaning anytime I leave her sight she screams!

All in all, it was a best of both weekend really, preparing us for a busy couple of weeks leading up to Christmas!

So, here’s to a busy and hopefully much better week!

Mumma Of Daughters



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