**My Girls And Me** 2

The last two weeks have been full of colds, teething and copious amount’s of caffeine… Both Abi and Izzi have been hit with one of the many ‘Viral Infections’ that are doing the rounds this year and I wont lie, I’ve considered never leaving the house again a few times.


I always thought people were over exaggerating when they said that once your child starts school they will bring every bug possible home, turns out they weren’t. Every bug, virus, cold and flu that enters the school, you child brings home. We have been pretty lucky because Abi has barely batted an eyelid at anything so far and we’ve all somehow managed to avoid catching the bugs ourselves. But of course, all good runs must com to and end and last week when Abi arrived home with a very high temperature, a horrible cough and was tired she could barely stand, it was a matter of days before we were all wiped out.

Because of Abi’s history of wheezes and breathing complications when she gets a cold (asthma season is my favourite…) We were seen pretty quick by our gp and despite not having even having a hint of a wheeze, Abi was prescribed yet another round of steroids just to ensure that it doesn’t turn any worse. Within a few hours her cough was minimal, her colour was more pink than white and she was hungry (and suffering with her steroid induced craze as usual) If you have a child who suffers with asthma then you’ll know just how quick a simple cold can turn into something quite scary. So luckily this time we avoided any hospital visits and time on the good old Sarum Ward!


Next to get poorly was Chris and as usual, and like all men, it was man flu. Full blown, this is the end manful. Luckily it didn’t last long and despite looking like the walking dead for a few days, he didn’t moan… As much as usual anyway!


Izzi got it pretty bad, the coughing turned to croup and the croup turned into suspected Bronchitis. Thankfully it didn’t amount to anything too serious but she did turn into a bit of a nightmare sleeper… By nightmare I mean bloody awful and awful and would only even consider falling asleep if it was on me. After a few doctors appointments because there was no change in her cough at all, it turns out her bronchitis type symptoms where because of her teething. All her dribble and snot is to blame! So now we know what we are dealing with, its made everything a lot easier and me a lot less crazy!

It wasn’t all bad news for Izzi this week though because finally she was discharged from Salisbury hospital following her UTI back in June. All her tests and scans came back completely clear and thankfully her little Kidneys are perfect and her UTI was just pure bad luck. I felt all sorts of relief as I drove away from Salisbury hospital knowing that I wont have to return (as long as my children stay healthy!) anytime soon after spending a year going back and forth repeatedly! But as well as relief, I did feel a little sad, purely because as I drove past the maternity car park my ovaries ached and the wave of broodiness I keep getting hit me. Seriously, I never felt broody after Abi and the thought of babies and more children made me feel ill (harsh but true) but this time around I am the opposite! I’m hoping this will pass once Izzi starts becoming mobile and destroying the house more than she does already.


This week I started my teaching assistant diploma and despite only being on module 1 of about 400, It’s not easy. I’m currently setting up shop and working away at it when Izzi naps but I think working at night once every one is asleep is my only option at this point. I mean seriously, how can a 4-year-old, a 9 month old and 29-year-old make so much mess and noise?


In last weeks edit, I mentioned Abigail’s behaviour and you know what? It hasn’t changed. BUT my dealing with it has and after a few days of remaining calm, not reacting to her attempts at ruling the roost and some bribery we are on a good behaviour roll. We even managed to make a home-made chicken pie and pumpkin pie without any arguments and they both tasted pretty good!


Of course, the advent calender and promise of chocolate for breakfast is probably helping too. Is it acceptable to have an all year round advent calander?

We had our first parents evening for Abi last week and despite her behaviour at home she is doing amazing at school like everything her smile seems to get her far and means she gets away with quite literally everything. I definitely cried a little with pride!

The Christmas holidays start in less than 2 weeks and despite being excited for 2 weeks of no school runs and every day with Abi, I’m also bloody terrified. So my days at the moment (in between house work, blogging, diploma and washing and ironing that never seems to end) I’m thinking up different activities and days out we can enjoy that don’t break the bank. If anyone has any ideas feel free to throw them my way!

I guess its difficult when you’re at school but I generally didn’t realise how hectic the 2 weeks before school break up are. Theres Xmas fayre, parties and activities as well as xmas themed homework and games and everything else that comes with xmas as a mumma. That being said I love it and I’m lucky enough to help in the school 1 day a week so I get to see the xmas themed class work and fun first hand!


Mumma Of Daughters



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