Teething Hell

Like everything else, Izzi is proving a definite challenge when it comes to teething compared to her big sister. Think constant dribble, bursts of screaming and the worst nappies. It’s been somewhat testing and recently most of my days have been spent rocking a screaming Izzi and walking around in a mombie state after yet another night of no sleep.

As you can imagine after having a baby who seemed to cut teeth in her sleep without as much as a squeak to tell me, this is a shock to my system and I am a duck out of water with no idea how to help her. You don’t need to be a mumma to know that seeing your baby in so much discomfort and having no way to help or understand how much it hurts is pretty distressing.

There is so much out there these days that claim to help your teething baby. From amber bracelets, teething gel and freezable toys there seems to be something that claims to help ease the symptoms of teething. Like I said, with Abi I never needed any of these things so trying to finding something that takes the edge off for Izzi was a new and kind of exciting challenge. At least that’s what I thought until I realised all but one teething gel actually contain milk protein and that Izzi would not allow me to put an amber anklets or bracelet on for anything.

Shes also not a fan of calpol and stops at nothing to ensure you end up covered by the time you finish attempting to empty that god awful calpol syringe into her teeny tiny mouth! (We have since ventured onto the old-fashioned spoon and it kind of works…)

So, what have I found that works?? Well. Nothing really… BUT. I have found a few things  that take the edge off ever so slightly…

Dentinox, Dentinox, Dentinox!!! Not only is it the only teething gel that doesn’t contain Cows milk protein, but for some reason Izzi likes the taste of it too. It may only last for a few minutes but it’s a few minutes long enough to ensure she calms down enough to fall asleep or just enough to stop screaming for a few minutes. It can be brought at all major super markets and drug stores so it’s siper easy to purchase 🙂

Nuby freezable keys have also been a life saver. They are fun and pretty much indestructible and they also freeze super quick which ensures instant and quick relief from those pesky little pegs! That being said, they do defrost quicker than is actually helpful so we’ve now got several sets constantly in the freezer… Extreme but very necessary!

A no brainer teally but Calpol… She hates it but it does help.

Now, one of the worst symptoms of teething for Izzi is a runny and stuffy nose. This unfortunately means that along with the dribble, it all settles on her chest causing a horrible cough and almost croup like throat. Olbas oil doesn’t really help at all, but snuffle babe vapour oil has really, really helped ease the symptoms. I pour a couple of droplets into a bowl with boiling water and let the steam waft around the room. This helps unblock her nose meaning it’s a little less snot settling on her chest. It’s also really useful when we need to relieve her croup like symptoms by again, putting a few drops in a bowl with boiling water in the bathroom while running the shower pretty hot. The combination of the steam and vapour oil completely clears her chest and she’s insganrly relieved of most, if not all discomfort.

Now, this one is random but frozen muzzy’s are also a firm fave of Izzi’s. She sucks on her smelly muzz anyway so when her teeth are sore I make one a little damp and put it In the freezer for a couple of hours. It’s obviously cold and does make a mess but it definitely soothes the worst of any teething pains!

So, what are your go to teething life savers?? So far, these are the only things ive found that seem to help and I could definitely do with some more hints and tips!

Mumma Of Daughters


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