The Weekend Edit 2

This weekend was one of ‘those’ weekends. It wasn’t much and consisted of tantrums and screaming fits (100% the girls. Not me…) Chris was also working which meant I was solo mumma to the devil child and her just as devilish baby sister. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, all the solo parents out there are my heroes!

I feel like I should start our pretty mundane weekend from Friday at 3pm the dreaded school pick up. Friday’s are my trickiest school pick up day, for no other reason than I’m torn between excitement at the idea of 2 days of Abi time and the sheer fear at the prospect of 2 days of Abi time… Now, don’t pretend I’m not the only one who thinks like that! We started our Friday evening with pumpkin pie making and Abi, for the first time in what feels like ages, was a dream and I loved having her helping me!


We also finished the decorating and opened the first little treat from our advent calendars. Abi also spent an hour investigating the magic Elf door and writing a letter to santa telling him all about Elf on the shelfs (named Messy) dramatic and messy entrance! Of course Izzi literally has no idea whats going on and is hell bent on pulling the tree over.

Saturday was a day of 5am wake up calls and dance lessons which luckily are no longer at 9am but an hour later! The second morning of elf on the shelf season meant another hour of Abi investigating just how that pesky elf had managed to eat her pumpkin pie though. She was less than impressed and made no secret of the fact she was close to throwing him in the bin.


Abi has a little dance show next week to mark the end of the first term so she was busy practising for that and promptly fell asleep in the car on the way to Nanny meows after dancing. As usual the little pest invited herself to stay for the afternoon so Izzi and me headed home to tidy and try to get the now nap refusing baby to sleep for more than 2 minutes. In case you were wondering, it didn’t work.ย  It was also Chris’ granddad birthday so we headed over to their house once Chris was home to say hello and collect Abi before heading back and snuggling up for the evening.

Now if anyone has had the pleasure of doing Elf on the shelf then you’ll know that despite being ‘fun’ its also pretty testing. You have to think of 24 menacing things for the naughty little elf to do and the struggle of avoiding doing all the big ones first is definitely real. So Sunday mornings was pretty calm which Abi was definitely pleased about. She informed me she wouldn’t be ok if he had eaten more of her food on the way downstairs to see what mischeve he had caused. But of course, just because it was simple didn’t mean that Abi didn’t spend an hour trying to work out how the elf does it. This year is definitely the best year yet for Christmas, not only because we have Izzi too but because Abi really is getting in to the magic of Christmas!


Once the excitement of our elf on the shelf worse off, it was a sunday of ironing and washing, egg and bacon breakfast wraps and movies in our pj’s (which lets be honest, Pj Sundays are everybodies favourite!) Abi also gave me a make over which included a head massage, back rub and turning my face black with eyeliner and eye shadow!

By 5pm Chris arrived home and the girls had their pre dinner and pre bed wave of hyper active craziness! Think jumping, screaming and refusal to eat dinner which was yet another Mummy and Abi joint effort of roast chicken! Of course a messy roast dinner is followed by the Sunday night bath which luckily for Abi didn’t involve a hair wash. So she had half an hour of bubbles and playing minus her little sister for the first time in ages as she was soundo by 6!

So, I told you it was pretty boring one!

Sometimes, the quiet weekends with nowhere to be are the best weekends though. And, despite missing having daddy home on a weekend and talking to him at every opportunity, it’s quite nice having the girls all to myself for a couple of days. As Clichรฉ as it sounds, these two sleep thief’s really are my best buds and despite the sometimes rotten behaviour and never peeing in peace, a lazy weekend with them makes my soul happy!


Mumma Of Daughters



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