The Dorset Burger Company- Why You Need To Go!

If you know Chris and me, you’ll know that we love a good burger (probably the weirdest sentence I’ve written in a while…) Chris especially rarely deviates from the classic burger when we eat out, meaning wherever we go there always has to be a relatively decent  patty on offer!

I have previously written about our love for the Dorset burger company on my old blog-

This week we had the rare opputunity for a date night, which, with the above mentioned it was a no brainer that we drove the hour to Weymouth to indulge in our favourite place.

I can’t actually remember the last time Chris and me had an actual date night, which is both upsetting and no surprise! Work, poorly kids and general life have definitely gotten in the way of having just 5 minutes to be more than mummy and daddy, let alone a whole evening. So Tuesday was a definite treat.

If you haven’t already heard of the Dorset burger company, it’s a restaurant in Weymouth pretty much on the seafront. All the ingriendients are local and fresh and the service is second to none, head to their website – to find out some more about them and book a table!




So, why do we love DBCo?

First of all, and the fact im using this phrase is embarrassing I know, but the Vibe! From the moment you walk in it’s the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere  you could probably wish for on a date night. The decor is also dreamy- think mismatched tables and chairs, quirky lights and distressed wood. It’s basically my idea of the perfect decor and I wish my whole house was as cool.

What else? Everyone who works there is super friendly- think how friendly the Disney cast members at the theme parks are and you have the amazing people at DBCo. Only, a little less over enthusiastic and you know, normal and not completely doolally (which is obviously great for kids when in Disney but that’s a whole other story!) This time around we were greeted and served by the most amazing lady who stopped at nothing to make sure we were having a great evening. She even spent 10 minutes humouring chris and talking about only fools and horses and monty python!

Now, the food. I can’t really describe it- one because I’m rubbish and two because you need to try it for yourself! But it is Devine.

This time I went for the Texan stripper burger! Which included the  steak Pattie, bacon, cheese, chicken and a bbq mustard sauce in a brioche bun. Served with their home made slaw (Devine!) fries (best fries I’ve ever had) and their signature chutney. Despite being full, I could of easily had another one (no shame…)

Chris went for the dirty moo which consisted of the steak patty, bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce, again served in a brioche bun and with slaw, fries and chutney! It was so good that chris could of also eaten another!


Pudding was a no brainer- Chris went for the raspberry and white chocolate roulade and I chose a classic banana split with white chocolate ice cream! Both were amazing!

Now, I’ll be honest, before discovering the DBCo we were pretty big F&B fans but that has now obviously changed. Not only because of the quality of food at DBCo, but also the price and value for money. It’s outstanding value and you get more for your money than what you would at a chain restaurant.

So If you’re ever down Weymouth way, the Dorset Burger Company really is worth a visit! Let me know if you go!

Mumma Of Daughters



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