The Weekend Edit 1

** This is several hours later than scheduled but due to my shocking organisational skills and a poorly babe, its coming at you now!**

Since Chris changed his job we are really lucky to often have 2 days of him being home. When he has the weekends off, we love to try to spend as much time together and visiting somewhere, even if it’s just a walk, as possible. The last few months have been pretty hard to find the time to do that though. Between house renovations, kids parties, and Abi bringing home every bug she can, the weekends and days off have been spent being pretty lazy.

This weekend however, despite Abi having a virus and Izzi having croup and teething we really wanted to make the most of the winter sun and get some fresh air. Now, anyone with a 4-year-old full of angst who has the attitude of Naomi Campbell and a baby who dribbles and chews more than a puppy will know that getting out is a mission in itself… How do families with more than 2 children do it? I am in awe of you all!

Saturday didn’t go well. I had planned a bit of a lazier day. Maybe some baking, house work and getting over the worst of the virus that was plaguing Abi. But Abi had other plans which meant it was a day that was far from relaxing and involved shouting, hiding from said terrible 4-year-old and clearing up baby sick. Needless to say we wrote Saturday off and went to bed ( to the sound of coughing for the 4th night in a row) and quite literally prayed for a better Sunday…

Well… The praying (and possibly the threats of santa’s naught list) worked and Abi woke up bright and early ready for a sunny walk at our favourite place, Kingston Lacy. We were there for 10am and enjoying hot chocolates with marshmallows by 10.30!


I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. One of our favourite things about National Trust is all the seasonal activities they plan. This week they had ‘Stir it up Sunday’. For Β£2.50 per a pudding you get to stir you very own Christmas pudding and make a wish before watching it getting wrapped up and prepped to put in you oven at home. The simplicity of the activities are what makes them so speciall I think. It wasn’t much but Abi loved it and now wants to make her very own Christmas puddings!

After our pudding making we went for a quick walk to the woodland park. Abi, like always walked slower than a tortoise and Izzi couldn’t have cared less about being out in the fresh air… Seriously, that baby is happy with a real techniques make up brush and bottle of milk! But the fresh air was just what we all needed.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been an autumn walk without one of us falling on our arse in the mud and this time around, it was me. I am still feeling the after effects now 24 hours later!


Now, Abi’s behaviour didn’t last long but ill happily take the few hours we had where she didn’t scream at us or terrorise anyone!

Our day ended with a burnt sausage casserole (Which obviously wasn’t my fault…) a nice hot bath and an early night. Izzi went straight to sleep and Abi was snoring within 2 minutes of getting into bed (she then slept in till 7.45am meaning a rushed school run kicked off our week!)

I wonder what next weekend will bring?

Mumma Of Daughters




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