Triple Nutella French Toast

A few weeks ago Abi went through a phase of watching childrens YouTube cooking shows. It was quite annoying seeing as you she couldn’t quite understand why nothing I made her resembled that of her new cooking idols. That being said, it was much more bearable than Jonny Jonny yes papa (If you know, You know!)

One of the recipes that really stuck with her was triple Nutella French toast, which being the Nutella lover I am, It didn’t take much convincing for me to try it out.

After weeks of attempting various different recipes, I’ve finally cracked it- although it could probably do with some improvement!



You can use any bread for this recipe 🙂

All you need is 3 slices of your choice of bread, 2 eggs, cinnamon, Nutella, a splash of milk and a tea spoon of oil for cooking.

Step number 1 is you mix the egg with cinnamon and splash of milk…



Next, you cut the crusts off of your chosen bread- all 3 slices!

Now the important part- on the top and bottom slices you spread a good quantity of Nutella. The more the better!! The  stack the slices of  bread with the un-nutellaed slice in the middle.

Next place the bread in the egg mixture to soak, frequently turning so all the bread is covered!


Once the entire sandwich is soaked in the egg mixture, place in a preheated pan with the oil and turn frequently until cooked.

IMG_0263Once cooked remove from the pan and soak any oil left on the sandwich with some kitchen roll.

Place on a plate and pour some maple syrup (again, the more better) and sprinkle with icing sugar!

IMG_0275Serve with fruit of your choice and voila- easy triple Nutella French toast in a flash. It’s even quick enough for a pre- work or pre-  school treat!



Mumma Of Daughters




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