5 Things I Do To De-Stress

Having 2 children is stressful, add a fiancé who is pretty much a child in a mans body, a home to look after and general life and it all adds up to a stressed Mumma.

Stress in unavoidable, even without the above, but there are 5 things that I do to help me de-stress.

 Telly off and a cup of a tea!

I do this every day when Izzi is having a nap (when Abi is at school and if Izzi actually naps that is!) A hot cup of tea and some peace and quiet does wonders for your mood. Especially after a morning of school runs, cleaning and teething baby dramas!

Read a Book

Reading used to be my favourite thing pre children so anytime I get the chance, I put my head in a book and completely submerge myself in the fiction of which ever book takes my fancy. It doesn’t happen often but I always make time if I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious!


Being stressed is what actually resulted in the start of this blog. I was so stressed and anxious throughout my pregnancy with Izzi that I started to write my feelings down and thoughts and plans. When I realised it was helping me feel calm and relaxed I started it more often and that’s when I started Mumma Of Daughters. Now, if I’m ever feeling overly stressed or worked up I log on to my platform and start my next piece of writing (You don’t want to know how many pieces I have in my drafts!)

Fresh Air!

Be it a walk to school, along the beach or a day trip to a national trust like Kingston lacy or Stourhead, the fresh air always helps clear my head and improve my mood. It sometimes even helps with the children in tow! Only sometimes though…

An Early Night!

Sleep is always my best healer I get into bed, turn out the lights and I look at it like washing away any bad from that day. When I wake up, it will be a new a day and a fresh start! I also get really bad headaches if I’m ever really stressed or have had a particularly long day, so getting some shut-eye is always helpful!

What are your go to ways to distress?

At tips?

Let me know!

Mumma of Daughters





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