30 Things I want to do before I’m 30!

I’m not one to worry about aging, It has to happen and if I can do it gracefully I will. But I don’t want to grow old and regret anything! So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I hope to achieve in the next 5 years. From Career aspirations to holidays!
So here we go, 30 things I want to do before I hit the big 3 0!!! (in no particular order!)

1-     Get married!

                 This is a pretty easy one to accomplish seeing as the wedding is booked and the countdown is on for March 2019… The planning has started (kind of, I’m rubbish at planning…) and the wedding diet has started (and stopped and restarted again) ready for wedding dress shopping in march 2018!

2-   Change Career!

                  After 10 years at Tesco, I’m definitely after a change and finally having a job I love. Which scares me a little, the unknown, but its not only wanted, its very much needed! I don’t particularly want to work (does anybody?) and being away from the girls makes it that much more harder. So having a job that I enjoy and love would not only make leaving for work easier, it would make me fall in love with having something for me again.

3-     Learn to cook real Italian food!

                We love Italian food, and even though I’m not to good at the whole cooking thing, I do enjoy it. So if I could learn anything, it would definitely be how to cook a traditional Lasagne and spag bol from scratch!

4-     Take the girls to Disneyworld Florida!

                 Both Chris and me grew up going to florida and experiencing the rides, the food and the atmosphere of Orlando Florida and we cannot wait to share the Disney excitement with our Disney obsessed girls! Abi is already obsessive over the adverts and lives for the idea of dancing around the Disney castle. A holiday full of Disney, Universal and even exploring Miami and the keys is everything we are planning.

5-    Run a marathon!

             Before babies I used to run every day but I’ve never been able to get back into it at all. One thing I would love to do more than anything is run a marathon (maybe a half marathon…) for charity. Not only to raise money for an amazing cause but also for myself and to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for doing something challenging!

6-    Read all the Game of Thrones books!

             A really silly one, but its something I’ve been attempting for years!

7-    Successfully grow a vegetable patch!

            Again, such a random one but ‘living off the land’ is something I’ve always found amazing and I would love to be able to eat veg that we had grown ourselves.

8-   Visit Ireland!

            Guinness, Guinness and more Guinness…

9-  Sky Dive!

          Again, I would love to do this for charity. I hate heights, and I hate flying but for some reason I would love to know the feeling of throwing myself out of a plane. When I was 17 I did an indoor sky dive in Florida and after a while I did enjoy it (I use the word enjoy loosely…)

10-   Complete house renovations!

          Now this is one I hope to have completed by this time next year. All bedrooms and hall ways complete and a garden that doesn’t resemble a slum…

11-     Become a Pug Mumma!

             If you follow my Insta, you’ll know that both Abi and myself are in love with pugs. Abi is currently saving all her money to buy herself one and she is determined! Now just to try and persuade Chris…

12-     Visit Scotland!

             A bit like Ireland, I am desperate to visit Scotland. There is so much beauty in both the cities and the highlands (and ALOT of national trust places) and I’m planning a little week get away full of walks and adventure.

13-     Practice Yoga and Meditation

           Being a mum is stressful and I am forever searching for ways to de-stress and calm myself after a rubbish nights sleep or a busy and hectic day.

14-     Road Trip 4 countries in Europe!

            When we went to Croatia we realised how easy is would be to travel around Europe and visit several countries instead of just 1. The dream would be to drive to France via ferry and start our adventure from there! Doing a holiday that isn’t all planned for you is strangely exhilarating and I actually preferred it to that of an all inclusive holiday. Although knowing that if anything didn’t go to plan it would solely be down to us was a little bit stressful!

15-    Climb Snowdon!

           Purely for the excitement and adventure. Definitely without the girls mind, maybe a little date weekend just Chris and me!

16-   Plan the ultimate Australian family adventure for our 30’s!

          When I was 18 I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks in Oz and I loved it. Chris has never been and we are desperate to explore the great barrier reef, walk across the Sydney harbour bridge and show the girls the most incredible country in the world.

17- Learn to Appreciate coffee!

Now, I like coffee but I don’t love it. And as cliché as it sounds, sometimes this mumma needs something stronger than a cuppa tea. So if I could learn to appreciate the freshly ground coffee beans of Italy, I would be pretty happy on my 30th birthday!

18-  Get Fit!

I don’t want to be heading into my 30’s as overweight and uncomfortable as I am now. Its cliché but true. This mum bod isn’t going to get any younger so I guess I better start looking after it!

19- Manage to perfect the art of not dying a white load of washing!

I’m the worst adult when it comes to washing. I dye at least 3 items of clothing a week and end up stealthily bleaching back them to some sort of normality before Chris realises…

20- Learn to Iron a shirt…

21-  Understand Politics

Random admittedly, but I get so confused and struggle to understand any of it. Meaning that previous elections etc have been based on a quick ‘idiots guide to politics’ read and an ask around of opinions (which I know is bad but when your politics dyslexic like me then its the way it is…) If I could enter my 30’s having an actual opinion based on my ideas as opposed to what ive been told then Id be happy!

22-    Go to a festival!

I’m 25 and have never been to a festival which kills me. But I actually think I would love it more with my 2 girls in tow and Chris. I’m thinking Bestival? I would definitely appreciate any tips!

23-    Cut the sugar out of my cups of tea!

Self explanatory that isn’t it? I love a cuppa, as long as it has sugar in it, making my love of the English brew horrifically bad for me (especially on those days that lack sleep and your children are driving you INSANE!)

24-  Get back on a horse!

I’m terrified of horses despite riding for several years when I was younger. Abi is obsessed and i’ll be honest, I’ve stopped her riding purely because of my insane fear of them.

25-    Go Out-Out and come home as the sun comes up! 

I was the worst 18 year old and can count on 1 hand the amount of nights out that ended after midnight. I was and still am, a pyjama lover who as much I love dressing up and having a drink, I spend the whole time counting down the minutes till home time (which as you can imagine, with babies at home now I am even more eager to get into bed!)

26-   Get a tattoo!

Nothing crazy, just the girls initials somewhere discreet.

27-   Go Skinny dipping…

28- Throw a dinner party!

I am not a good cook, but I love time with friends, family and good food and wine.

29- Embarrass myself at a karaoke bar!

Much like cooking, I can sing. But I want to throw myself out my comfort zone completely and embarrass myself with some lighthearted attempts at singing.

And Finally…



Mumma Of Daughters





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