What my kid wore Wednesday!

I’ve been following the #whatmykidworewednesday linky for months and today I’ve decided to finally join in!

Today is All about Izzi seeing as Abi is rocking the glorious school uniform she’s lucky to wear…


I am obsessed with Morrisons clothing range at the moment. There autumn collection is amazing, full of patterns, soft fabrics and all the autumnal colours!

Last week during a trip to Morrisons for milk I finally gave in and purchased this outfit.


This cost Β£11 and it included the play suit, long sleep top and tights.

The play suit is a gorgeous off pink corduroy material and is soft and thick, which is perfect for cold days like today! It also comes with the a cute bunny teddy attached to the pocket which as you can imagine is a hit with a Izzi her teeth.

The top is cotton and unlike a lot of these sets, the top isn’t attached in any way meaning it can be used seperately.

The tights are my favourite. A beautiful blue with the cutest cat design at the feet and again, they are so soft and thick!

She’s also wearing a dribble bib which has a matching pattern to the top. There’s so many colours in both the top and bib that it means you can match them with pretty much everything!


I always look like a mess but at least my babes are always dressed better than me!

Join the wmkww linky today!

Mumma Of Daughters



4 thoughts on “What my kid wore Wednesday!

  1. Yay for school uniforms and yay for cute little cord playsuits! What gorgeous girls you have πŸ™‚ Love the colour of the playsuit and the pattern on the top you’ve paired it with – an adorable combo! Thanks so much for linking up with #WMKWW πŸ™‚ x


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