Wales Part 2- Dinefwr National Trust

We LOVE our national trust membership so when we saw that there was a big national trust castle close to my Nan and Grandad we made sure we had enough time to visit.

Dinefwr is just outside of Carmarthenshire and is a castle and house in approximately 800 acres of grounds (I know, ridiculous!) There is also a deer park which during rutting season is quite the spectacle (unfortunately we didn’t get to see any of the rutting deer, much to Chris’s disappointment.)

Unlike the other National trust parks we have visited, there was a lovely welsh lady at the entrance to greet us before we parked. Once we had parked up and unpacked what feels like our entire life out the car, we headed to the visitor centre to pay for the Halloween pumpkin carving that they were doing and get a map.


For just £3 you could pick any pumpkin you liked, from small ones to massive ones and carve it there and take it home. Abi loved it, taking quite a long time to pick the perfect pumpkin and as usual the volunteers who helped run it where amazing. They really went out of their way to make sure Abi was having the best time and made a massive fuss of both her and Izzi!

After much deliberation (and arguments between Chris and Abi) They settled on turning their pumpkin into a  Vampire cat. Abi wanted a cat, Chris wanted something spooky so they compromised. Another great thing about the pumpkin carving was that there was absolutely no rush, which was good considering it took us forever to actually decide on the design let alone the carving…


As well as the pumpkin carving, there were also some Halloween craft activities. You could make bouncy paper pumpkins and pipe cleaner spiders!

IMG_9297Abi has been learning all about autumn at school so she was really interested in exploring the woods and finding ‘autumn leaves’ and acorns. It was the perfect autumn scene with so many colourful leaves and muddy puddles for Abi to throw herself in to!

Dinfwr Castle is incredible and is set on top of a massive hill, meaning you get an amazing view of Carmarthen from the top. It also meant that there was quite walk to the top involving a very steep hill, a lot of mud and a few falls! It wasn’t the easiest with a pram, but its definitely worth it. There paths are relatively even, its just how steep it is that makes it a little tricky.

Abi loved pretending to be a princess who lived in the castle and running around and exploring. She also enjoyed pretending to be a monster and hiding from daddy in all the secret nooks and crannys!

Other than the scenery and fresh air, our favourite part of a national trust day out is the ice cream and cake. Being in Wales and having spent the day in rain and wind, we decided that it was definitely a cake day so we headed to the café that’s situated in the amazing Dinefwr house. Food is served between 12-3 and there is an amazing selection of sandwiches, hot meals (including some traditional welsh recipes) cakes and biscuits! Abi of course picked the biggest cake she could find and devoured it all before we had even sat down. All the food is home made and is reasonably priced unlike a lot of places which again, is what we love about national trust!



Dinefwr was definitely worth the trip and is now one of our favourites so far. Its beautiful scenery, amazing gift shop and café and the castle make it fun for all the family. We will definitely be visiting again next time we visit nan and granddad.

Mumma of Daughters



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