Wales Part 1

Decorating, work and school has meant that the last few months have been non stop and frustrating to say the least. As October half term approached we couldn’t decide if we wanted to brave a flight with 2 children for the first time or stick to sunny old blighty… We chose Blighty!

My Nan and Grandad live in Wales so we decided to make full use of having somewhere to stay that was better than a B&B and embark on the 3 and a half hour journey to the Elan Valley.

It was my first time packing for 4 and to say we had a lot would be an understatement…


Abi has always travelled really well and despite being a pain in the arse at home unless all attention is on her 24/7, she actually entertains herself like a dream and enjoys travelling for long periods of time.



Izzi on the other hand hadn’t yet travelled in a car for longer than an hour so we didn’t know what to expect. Id assumed she would just sleep for most of the journey seeing as she sleeps soundly in the car usually and well, that’s what Abi used to do. Wrong. Very wrong. The infamous Izzi no nap Bolton decided to rear her over tired head and slept for no longer than an hour for the entire journey. That being said she didn’t really make a fuss and spent the time she was awake playing with her toys and singing with Abi.


During our journey there, storm Brian was right over Wales and after days of warnings we were expecting a pretty horrific journey. Thankfully the worst we had to endure was some pretty heavy downpours and a blowy ride across the Severn bridge.


Nan and Grandad live in the Elan Valley, a mile away from the Elan Valley reservoirs and a few miles from the ‘town’ of Rhayader. Getting to their house saw us driving on the quietest roads and only passing a couple of cars and seeing sheep on the road.

I haven’t seen my Nan and Grandad in months so it was amazing to see them when we finally arrived and Abi was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. We were all pretty tired so we had dinner, watched strictly (vital importance to a Saturday evening) And hit the hay.

Enter a caption

Storm Brian was pretty raging but thankfully it was just windy and the rain was minimal! We got up and after a bacon and egg roll we visited the Elan Valley Resovouirs and dams. They were fascinating and despite the bitterly cold winds and occasional showers we loved exploring them.


The bitterly cold wind actually made the trip to the resovouirs more of an adventure, especially for Abi who loved being blown over (apparently!)

Chris walked up to the top while we drove up. The walk up is not massively pram friendly and is really, really steep so as you can imagine with the wind and gradient against him Chris really enjoyed that walk!!

IMG_9191                                            IMG_9193

After our walk and exploring of the reservoirs and dams we had lunch at the Elan Valley visitors centre and then headed to Gigrin Red kite feeding centre.

Red Kites are amazing and i’ll be honest, I wont try and explain too much about them, other than that thanks to these specialist feeding centres the red kite population has quite literally be saved from the brink of extinction.

DSCF3076DSCF3059Gigrin is a small farm, and every day at 15:00 the farmer arrives at the field with a trailer full of meat (beef) to scatter around ready for the Kites to feed. If you want to watch them feed you pay £6 per adult and head to one of the hides. It’s both amazing and bizarre all at once. Kites rarely land so for anywhere between 5 minutes to over an hour hundreds swoop, twist and soar. It really is amazing and fascinating to watch and I would 100% a visit if you’re ever visiting that way.




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