Izzi And Her Milk Free Weaning

When Izzi was just 2 weeks old, she was diagnosed with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA for short) It was pretty upsetting seeing as she was so young and it was It completely unexpected.

I wrote a couple of posts regarding how we were diagnosed and coping with the side effects on my old blog here –


and here


At our 6 month check our health visitor referred us to the dietician and we were advise to start a little bit of weaning but with milk free products…

Abi was ready at 5 months and took to it like a duck to water and it was so easy I genuinely had no worries about weaning izzi. I was wrong. She hated it.

I knew that we would be limited in what Izzi could try. I couldn’t just grab any old baby first taste product, I had to check all the ingridients and hope I could find something. I entually found a baby rice by Organix food and I had high hopes, I mean Abi loved it so surely izzi would? Yet again, I was wrong. It was a long and stressful process and while waiting for our appiointment to roll around I made an appointment with our gp who told us to give the weaning attempt a break for a few weeks and wait until we saw the dietician.



Well, we saw the dietician and I was completely baffled by everything I was told. Admittedly I had to try and listen to the doctor to the poor doctor who was lumbered with us during half term while dealing with Abi… As soon as she saw the doctor Abi was suddenly overcome with hunger and couldn’t stop demanding food, even attempting to eat a chestnut from under the pram at one point. She also took no time in making herself at home (flooding the room in a matter of minutes) and telling the poor young lady that she was in fact boring and talking rubbish and we can go now… Abi got the jist pretty quickly and decided she would take it upon herself to tell us that it’s simple- we just don’t give her milk from a cow… oh to be 4! Admittedly I had been very nieve to think that weaning would be easy this time and I genuinely didn’t expect a CMPA and lactose allergy to effect Izzi’s choices in food much but it really does. Milk protein and lactose is in pretty much everything. From cereals to bread and medicines to even drinks! Checking every single label of every food or drink Izzi may try is now going to be part of our life until a time (if there is ever a time) where she is no longer intolerant to lactose and CMPA.

So far, Izzi hasn’t taken to any food. She spit’s it out and seems angry at the thought of consuming anything that isn’t nutramigen 1 milk (which is boggiling because that stuff tastes and smells like mouldy milk- which is ironic seeing as its technically not milk…)

BLW also hasn’t gone down well, but a mix of spoon feeding purees and porridge (free from oats with oat milk) and letting izzi feel and play with it has been relatively successful. Izzi is a grabber and puts whatever she can in her mouth and after a couple of meals of allowing to feel and almost play with what I’m trying to get her to eat has helped.  I guess suddenly being given these weird tastes and textures must actually be quite daunting to someone so small who no understanding so I’m taking it really slow and doing it at her pace. Not all babies are as welcoming and laid back with such a big thing!


Since our appointment, I have been more positive about weaning, albeit still very nervous about it. I think I’m more worried about when she’s older and if she doesn’t grow out of it as I don’t want her to ever feel left out.

I’m thinking about following a milk free diet for a short while so I can learn some recipes and try out some of the products on the market with Izzi. Does anyone follow a milk and lactose free diet? What are you favourite recipes and products? Let me know- All advice would be greatly appreciated!

Mumma of Daughters




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