Back in May 2015, after much pestering and hint dropping, Chris dropped down on one knee and finally popped the all important question, “Will you marry me?” Well he didn’t word it exactly like that and there was no knee dropping. But there was a beautiful sunset on Bournemouth beach and my dream Tiffany diamond engagement ring!

After wanting to be engaged for long, I was a little perplexed when after wanting that ring put on my chubby finger for so long, I suddenly felt absolutely no rush to actually get married. Not because I was scared or reluctant, but because we already had everything that contributed to spending the rest of lives as one so to speak. A home, including a beautiful JOINT mortgage and life insurance policy, and a gorgeous baby girl- even a tropical fish tank! So I saw no rush in spending out the big bucks for one day of our lives when we had so many other things we were desperate to do, the big one being wanting to give Abigail a new little brother or sister to pass all her wisdom on to!! With a new family member came the requirement of a new house that offered an extra bedroom so again, the wedding budget and fund was now being reserved for the bigger things!

​The wedding became etched at the back of minds, not only just for money purposes but also we couldn’t decide what we wanted for our big day- relaxed minimal and cheap? Big, busy and expensive? Abroad?? We couldn’t face the decision. The year went on, Christmas came and went and before we knew it, it was March 2016 and we were no closer to buying a new home, no closer to even agreeing on a wedding and still no baby to look forward too. SO we did what all young families do when faced with typical young adult responsibilities, we booked a holiday to Croatia for June. In Abi’s 3 short years we had experienced 3 very different style holidays so you could say we weren’t phased by a prospect of a holiday that involved waterfall climbing and hiking in the slightest (Ill touch on previous adventures of the Bolton family in another post!)

​After almost a year stress, planning and trying desperately for a baby we spent the week relaxing, exploring and enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage… It was perfect!

​The holiday ended and normality resumed. We received a bonus from work and as soon as the money hit our bank account I knew what I wanted to do with it. It was becoming more and more apparent to me that maybe this wasn’t the right time for my body to grow a baby (a few health issues made this more and more obvious) and therefore we didn’t need a new house. We spent a few weeks discussing different venues and possibilities and my mind kept dragging me back to my dream and first idea of getting married at the Italian Villa in Poole. We went and looked around and decided then and there that this was where we were going to finally become Mr & Mrs Bolton! 5 days later we paid our deposit and the date was set – March 16th 2018!! (I assure you that at the time this felt like ages away…) Later that afternoon, I received the confirmation email that our deposit had been received and an invoice for our first bill. As I stood at the desk at work, It wasn’t excitement that filled me, but an odd feeling of anxiety mixed with “that cant be right”.  You see, I can only assume it was a mixture of being on holiday and just generally busy as you often are after a holiday that meant Id lost track of dates and days. I was 3 days late. Now, anyone whose spent a fair amount of time trying for new baby will know what I mean when I say that every month you symptom spot. Every niggle and every little pang of nausea you assume means your expecting! Well this month, NOTHING. I had drank wine, had eaten unhealthy, refused to take any vitamins and just became the worst excuse for a women trying for a baby that was around! But here I was, £2000 down after a deposit for a wedding and finally 5 weeks pregnant a little bean, that at the time, didn’t know was going to cause us a lot of issues before it was even here!! (A story for another time)  To add to the hilarity of the situation, the babies due exactly a year before our wedding!

So in a year, we went from getting engaged, deciding to hold off on the wedding, deciding to try for another baby and buy another house, to failing at conceiving for 10 months, to deciding to get married and stick with the wedding idea to it all coming crashing down within an hour…. But crashing down in the most magical amazing way.

​Its true what people tell you, in all aspects of life- everything happens when you least expect it, and it really has for us…

​Mumma of Daughters





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